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Oscar Eckenstein and Aleister Crowley – Zero Equals Two

[Oscar Eckenstein] was the inventor of the modern crampon and the first to develop a shorter ice axe. Both of which made climbing ice dramatically more efficient and safer and though having evolved some, these are still in use today. Crowley and Eckenstein met in the late 1800’s and he immediately recognized the young Crowley’s potential as a climber and took him under his wing.  Like Crowley, he was an admirer of the works of Sir Richard Francis Burton who Crowley would later canonize a saint of the EGC.

Aleister Crowley: Distinguished Mountaineer and Prominent Satanist

In an otherwise surprisingly well-informed and well-written article on Everest, the Daily Express manages to crowbar-in a reference to Aleister Crowley: Hard times, hard men. The distinguished mountaineer and prominent satanist Aleister Crowley once tricked a fellow climber and clergyman into taking an impossible route over a boulder and dangled…
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