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1988 – Kerrang: The King Of Depravity

He’s been dead over 40 years and he’s still cool! He was into sex n’ drugs before rock n’ roll was born! He liked boiled eggs and looked like one! He’s a cannibal at large! He’s Aleister Crowley! By Giovanni Dadomo. When Aleister Crowley was asked to join the Beatles in 1967 he did not say no. He had, after… Read more »

The Wickedest Books In The World: Second Edition

My thanks to Blair MacKenzie Blake… Recently printed: a limited number of a revised and expanded (and corrected) second edition of The Wickedest Books In The World by Blair MacKenzue Blake and with a Foreword by Danny Carey. This is a glossy large format softcover with over 60 full color photos of rare Crowleyana currently in the collection of author… Read more »