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Painting from 100 years ago ‘could show the first alien to visit Earth’ | Metro News

Aleister Crowley makes it to a (rather silly) article in the Metro newspaper: In 1918, the famous English occultist Aleister Crowley performed weird occult rituals in New York while absolutely off his head on drugs. Whacked on drugs including mescaline, opium and hash, Crowley ‘made contact’ with a being which now looks oddly familiar… like the ‘grey aliens’ beloved of… Read more »

Thelema Now! Guest: Larry Kirwan of Black 47

‘Remember the night I banned you for being too demonic?’; Hilly Crystal speaking to Larry Kirwan, just before Hilly’s death. ‘That’s a story for another day, Hilly.’ I instantly regretted my words – we both knew there wouldn’t be one.’ – Larry Kirwan Thankfully we can still listen as Larry talks with me about being the first band banned from… Read more »

Pearls of Wisdom: Lecture and Book Signing

Pearls of Wisdom: Lecture and book signing by James Eshelman September 22, 2013; 5:30 – 8:00 pm Altered Stages 212 W 29th St. 3rd Floor, New York NY 10001 Pearls of Wisdom: Gems From the Journal Black Pearl by James A. Jim Eshelman”A Black Pearl of Infinite Preciousness” James A. Eshelman has been a writer and teacher of metaphysical subjects for over… Read more »

Xul Solar and Jorge Luis Borges: The Art of Friendship

My sincere thanks to a very good friend of this site for an account of a visit to the Xul Solar and Jorge Luis Borges: The Art of Friendship exhibition which continues until July 20 at the Americas Society, 680 Park Avenue, at 68th Street in New York: Crowley features prominently in the show — a display case spreads out… Read more »