James Joyce a-plenty in issue #58 of BEHUTET, a magazine of Modern Thelemic Magick and Culture, from Thelesis Lodge O.T.O. Introduction from The Editors Death in Thelema Finnegans Wake: James Joyce and the Egyptian Book of the Dead. The genius of Mr. James Joyce by Aleister Crowley Invocation of the Peacock Angel RitualContinue Reading

Dear Brothers, Sisters, Welcome Guests and Friends, Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.汝の意志することを行え。それが法のすべてとならん。 The latest schedule for “Hadit Rising in the East”, the O.T.O. Japan 25th Anniversary event is now online on the event page here: https://www.otojapan.org/events/haditrising/ This event is open to O.T.O. initiates ofContinue Reading