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‘Fresh Fever From the Skies: The Collected Writings of IAO131’ now available

‘Fresh Fever From the Skies: The Collected Writings of IAO131’ represents an anthology of writings over the 7 years spanning 2007-2014 e.v. from the author IAO131. IAO131 is the author of ‘Naturalistic Occultism: The Introduction to Scientific Illuminism,’ ‘Thelema Sutras,’ and ‘The Parables & Lessons of Liber LXV.’ He is also…
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Moot with No Name

Tomorrow (7.30 pm for 8.00 pm – 21st January 2012) at The Bell, Middlesex Street (better known as Petticoat Lane), London:  www.fancyapint.com/Pub/london/the-bell/4888 Steve Wilson will be talking on 777+ This is NOT about Liber 777, but is related to initiatory systems, including the OTO and AA. The title comes from…
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Thelema NOW! Guest: Thomas B. Roberts, Ph.D.

Professor Thomas B. Roberts Ph.D. discusses his new book “Spiritual Growth with Entheogens: Psychoactive Sacramentals and Human Transformation.”  During the interview, Dr. Robert talks about the continuing study of using psychedelics to both heal mental scars, promote stronger self-awareness and how we can return to the primary spiritual encounters at…
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