Gérard Aumont was born Gérard Marie Albert Aumont in Gabes, Tunisia on September 13, 1902 to Alfred Charles Jean and Eva Alphonsine (née Mauger) Aumont. He married Paulette Cazaentre in Marseilles on August 10, 1932; they had no children. His nephew is the well-known theatre, film and television actor Michel Aumont.Continue Reading

Jack Parsons and a group dubbed the “Suicide Squad” built America’s rocket program in the hills of Pasadena, but Parsons’ double life as an occultist relegated his legacy to the footnotes of history books for decades. The co-founder of what would become NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory worked with English occultistContinue Reading

Academia Ordo Templi Orientis, in cooperation with the OTO Grand Lodge of Italy, is pleased to announce a conference at Monte Verità in Ascona, Switzerland, on August 26, 2017. This site was chosen to commemorate the centennial of the O.T.O. “Anational Congress for Organizing the Reconstruction of Society on PracticalContinue Reading

Priest/ess: In Advocacy of Queer Gnostic Mass by Michael Effertz is now available in its first public trade edition, comprising only 220 copies. A thoughtful and well documented argument for the reformation of O.T.O. policy so as to facilitate queer celebrations of the Gnostic Mass of the E.C.G. Priest/ess offersContinue Reading

Magick of Thelema 9th of November (Wednesday) 19:30 Stojan Nikolić – Thelemic Orders 19:50 Shiva Xº – Aspiring to the Great Ordеr I 21:00 Vera Nikolić- The Role of Women in Thelema 10th of November (Thursday) 19:30 Shiva Xº – Aspiring to the Great Ordеr II 20:50 Tau Merlin –Continue Reading

This from the rather excellent Zero Equals Two! website: Full size reproduction of Stele of Revealing, hand painted by very gifted Sister Agnieszka from Poland. They are made to order, so it may take a couple weeks before we post the item.   Oils on wood.Price: € 150 (inc P&P)Continue Reading

May 28, 2016 The Alpha & Omega of Initiation: Aleister Crowley, Charles Stansfeld Jones and the Way of Duplexity 10-11:30 am On the heels of the remarkable 1914 Paris Working and it’s goal of reconstituting the Order of the Temple in the form of the O.T.O., in the U.S., AleisterContinue Reading

Success Is Your Proof: One Hundred Years of OTO in North America by Richard Kaczynski, Frater Iskandar, Frater Taos, Lita-Luise Chappell, Vere Chappell, Cynthia Crosse, Clive Harper, Stephen J King, etc. Hardcover: 200 pages Publisher: Sekmet Books; 1st edition (December 23, 2015) Language: English ISBN-10: 0986336521 On May 16, 2015Continue Reading

From Fr Aquila… It is with great pleasure that I announce the establishment of the first permanent temple of Ordo Templi Orientis in Western Australia. Our Lady BABALON Temple, located at May Avenue, Subiaco, opened its door this week in conjunction with the Oasis taking its step to Lodge777. AtContinue Reading

Speech in the Silence is the official podcast of Blazing Star OTO, and features audio content by initates of Ordo Templi Orientis. Program 60 is now available for download (link below), featuring: “The Wake World” part 3 of 4, by Aleister Crowley, read by Sr. Merlin Licoricepants and produced byContinue Reading

Speech in the Silence, the official podcast of Blazing Star Oasis, O.T.O., has released its 59th program, featuring: IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT from the US Grand Lodge Man of Earth Delegates, with information specifically for NOTOCON attendees, in the first two minutes of the program. “The Wake World” part 2, by Aleister Crowley, read byContinue Reading

Thelema NOW! Guest: J. Daniel Gunther (2015) Thelema Now! welcomes back author and speaker J. Daniel Gunther! Frater Puck speaks with Daniel about his latest,  The Angel & the Abyss: The Inward Journey. For more information, visit jdanielgunther.com   Related Images:Continue Reading

Thelema NOW! Guest: IAO131 (36 mins) Frater Puck and IAO131 discuss the book Fresh Fever From the Skys and Thelema entering its second century – and what that means to us as Thelemites.  Find out more at iao131.com. Direct download: Thelema_Now_iao131.mp3 Related Images:Continue Reading