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Speech In The Silence Podcast 59

Speech in the Silence, the official podcast of Blazing Star Oasis, O.T.O., has released its 59th program, featuring: IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT from the US Grand Lodge Man of Earth Delegates, with information specifically for NOTOCON attendees, in the first two minutes of the program. “The Wake World” part 2, by Aleister Crowley, read by…
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Thelema Now! Guest: Jeva Singh Anand (42 minutes)

Thelema Now! Guest: Jeva Singh Anand (42 minutes)  Host Frater Puck talks with author Jeva Singh Anand about the book “The Secret School of Wisdom: The Authentic Rituals & Doctrines of the Illuminati.”  How did it begin? Who started it? What did they do? And is Beyonce their new leader, like…
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