Kamuret Press will be releasing an extensively annotated edition of Aleister Crowley’s first talismanic book, his remarkable “The Sword of Song,” edited and introduced by Richard Kaczynski. This collection of poetry, essays, satire, kabbalah, Buddhism and magick preserves the layout of the rare 1904 first edition, while incorporating material added by Crowley in his 1906 “Collected Works.” In addition, this new edition notes Crowley’s revisions, insertions, and deleted lines in the various manuscript and typescript versions of the work in development.Continue Reading

Early announcement of a new book, Aleister Crowley – Early Poetic Works – Edited, Annotated and Introduced by Christian Giudice. Aleister Crowley is beyond doubt the most influential occultist of the 20th century. While he is hailed as one of the giants of the esoteric sciences, very little attention has been devoted to Crowley’s years as a Cambridge undergraduate (1895 –1898), when the author wrote and published an incredible amount of verse: this poetry, firmly planted within the vogue of the day, tells the tale of his doomed love affair with actor and female impersonator Jerome Pollitt and of his first steps towards occult sciences.
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Interesting snippet I missed in December on the website of Scarlett Sabet, Jimmy Page’s partner: ‘The Secret History Of The World’ was published in 2007 and became a New York Times Bestseller. It’s author Mark Booth [aka Jonathan Black] has attended several of my poetry readings and requested to useContinue Reading

It’s pleasing to read about a new book, one that is a sympathetic account of Aleister Crowley as a teacher outside of the core group of Thelemites… Sheila Mann’s Hints of a Perfect Splendour, about Aelfrida Tillyard, runs to 1,006 pages. The anthology, Cambridge Poets: 1910-1913, included some rather well-knownContinue Reading

Words And Music: Beyond Good and Evil BBC Radio 3: 6.30pm on Sunday 19 August 2012 Aleister Crowley’s poem, Hymn To Lucifer, will feature in the August 19 2012 edition of BBC Radio 3’s highly acclaimed Words And Music series. Words and Music on the theme of Evil. Readings byContinue Reading

The second book of the series from 100th Monkey Press is the debut of Victor B Neuburg’s unpublished poem The New Diana. Available in a very limited hand-bound edition of only 75 copies. Victor B Neuburg’s final draft of The New Diana was completed 28 June 1912. An advertisement announcingContinue Reading