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The Great Beast on Politics: Aleister Crowley’s Thelemic State Revealed

Interesting article (from 18 March 2017) in New Dawn magazine by Dr K R Bolton… “There is no law but do what thou wilt” is the dictum of Thelema, misunderstood precisely for what it is not: anarchism and ego-driven individualism of the type promoted by the ‘Black Adepts’ in the name of democracy, liberalism, human rights and other popular clichés… Read more »

Is Obama wearing an AC shirt? No. That is all.

Just for the record, and because I’m tired of seeing this April Fools Day joke being repeated endlessly: no, there is no photograph of President Obama wearing an Aleister Crowley T-shirt. Now, can we move on? In September 2015 a several-year-old image of President Obama wearing a shirt bearing the name and image of English occultist Aleister Crowley began recirculating online… Read more »

Thelema Now! Guest: Tobias Churton Beast in Berlin

  Thelema Now! Guest: Tobias Churton Beast in Berlin (30 minutes) One of Thelema Now’s favorite authors returns! The always entertaining Tobias Churton discusses his new book about Uncle Al, focusing on his time in Berlin while Hitler was coming to power. Check it out!  Direct download: Thelema_Now_Tobias_Churton_Beast_in_Berlin.mp3