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Genesis P-Orridge Has Always Been a Provocateur of the Body. Now She’s at Its Mercy. – The New York Times

In 1981, P-Orridge reversed course in the gently trippy Psychic TV, whose danceable songs echoed the occult writings of Aleister Crowley and Austin Osman Spare, and included a tribute to Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones called “Godstar.” P-Orridge imagined the band as the center of a global consciousness raising, and recruited fans to join Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth, a cross between a fan club and a cult, whose members donned paramilitary gear and submitted bodily fluids as part of their initiation.

This Is Memorial Device by David Keenan

Coming next year from the author of the wonderful England’s Hidden Reverse… … a major new work of fiction coming from Faber Social on February 2nd 2017. This Is Memorial Device, the debut novel by David Keenan, is a love letter to the small towns of Lanarkshire in the west of Scotland in the late 1970s and early 80s as they… Read more »

Psychic TV’s Debut Album Force the Hand of Chance Gets Performed in Its Entirety at Berserktown | L.A. Weekly

Long out of print, Force the Hand of Chance (which is finally being reissued on expensive vinyl) starts with the beautiful lullaby “Just Drifting,” patterned on a gorgeous melody much closer to The Kinks’ “Village Green” than to Throbbing Gristle’s “Hamburger Lady.” A lush acoustic guitar opened the show, and the large crowd collectively swooned when Genesis started crooning the… Read more »

Could it be magick? The occult returns to the art world | The Guardian

“We’ve investigated lots of avenues and that includes occulture of various types,” says Breyer P-Orridge, who uses the word “we” exclusively in reference to a sort of individual and collective self. Early learning from occult figures like Aleister Crowley and mysterious magical sects like the Ordo Templi Orientis led to a lifelong devotion to ritualistic practice that has expanded and… Read more »

Vodoun Documentary Featuring Genesis P-Orridge Being Premiered in NYC July 15 – (Zero Equals Two)

The documentary film, Bight of the Twin, will have its world premiere at Rubin Museum of Art in NYC on July 15th, 2016 at 7 pm. The premiere is in conjunction with Genesis P-Orridge‘s ongoing exhibition at the Rubin Museum, Try to Altar Everything. The July 15th film premiere will be a part of a special evening with Psychic TV3 in concert…. Read more »

Books and Art from the Coil Collection

The latest list from Caduceus Books (Leicestershire, UK) contains some really extraordinary items – many at very reasonable prices – from the Coil Collection. As Ben says in his introduction to the list: John (or Jhon) Balance (Geoff Rushton) & Peter Christopherson (aka Sleazy) were involved in the formation of Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV, and went on to found… Read more »