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Magical Record of Victor B Neuburg

The 100th Monkey Press is pleased to announce the publication of the Magical Record of Victor B. Neuburg. On 8 April 1909 Victor B. Neuburg took the Oath of Probationer in the A.A. Aleister Crowley’s newly formed magical order. In June of 1909 Neuburg traveled from Cambridge to Crowley’s home, Boleskine House…

New publication: ‘Obeah Simplified, The True Wanga’

This work was first published in 1895 in Trinidad and achieved instant obscurity, However, it seems that a bell was rung somewhere as 9 years later, on 8th April 1904 Aiwass instructed Crowley that, as well as the mantras and spells and the work of the wand and the sword, he should learn and teach “the obeah and the wanga”.

Przybyszewski: The Synagogue of Satan

Alkahest Press releases the first critical English translation of Symbolist author Stanisław Przybyszewski’s “The Synagogue of Satan”. First published in 1898, “The Synagogue of Satan” is a Satanic Symbolist literary masterpiece by legendary Polish-German author Stanisław Przybyszewski. In celebration of the 150th birthday of Przybyszewski Alkahest Press presents this first…
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Richard Cole: Thelema Revisited

LAShTAL.COM proudly presents a free download of Richard Cole’s excellent Thelema Revisited. Richard Cole requests your company on a nostalgic journey to a small village on the North-East coast of Sicily, where fifty years ago, on a hot June morning, a wealthy Italian man called Giuseppe Ferrara arrived on a…
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