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Robert Anton Wilson, Kenneth & Steffi Grant

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Oz Fritz reviews Servants of the Star and Snake: Essays in Honour of Kenneth and Steffi Grant from the perspective of an admirer of the great Robert Anton Wilson. It makes interesting reading…
Servants of the Star and Snake is a beautifully conceived and executed book with a high aesthetic on par with it’s content and subject matter.  Praise Thoth!  Every article is worth the price of admission though the entrance may not be for everyone.

Strange Angel Review: Jack Parsons Gets TV Treatment on CBS All Access – Variety

The story of Jack Parsons — the very real rocket scientist upon which “Strange Angel” is based — is a bizarre combination of ego and ambition that quite literally blew up in his face, when a chemical experiment exploded and killed him in 1952 when he was just 37 years old. Parsons was fascinated by all things considered fantastical, whether that be traveling to the moon or the Los Angeles occult scene that eventually became his stomping grounds.

Elmer Crowley: A Katabasic Nekyia — New book from Mandrake of Oxford

Here’s a review that offers a good introduction to the book, Elmer Crowley: A Katabasic Nekyia, with sample illustrations: http://htmlgiant.com/reviews/elmer-crowley-a-katabasic-nekyia-by-tom-bradley/#more-119147  Raves from Gwendolyn von Taunton, Richard Kaczynski, Fortean Times: http://tombradley.org/elmer_more_raves.html… Read more »