SPHINX: Opus Liber L vel Bogus

Hello,   Now I see the real reason behind erasing forever – “Forum Liber L. vel Bogus” : An exquisite exercise in equality.  YES ! Everyone who participated in that 55 page adventure are now equal – equal...

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SPHINX: Death of the Blogs!

The Word has come, down from on High – the Blogs shall die! Because of the casual indolence of the many we tiny brave band of Blogs will perish… Oh my woebegone eyes shed a salty tear learning this dire news from a...

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SPHINX: A.C. Anime Art Ephemera

Hello, If you are not a Japanese anime art fanatic I’ve got an item of Crowley ephemera to share from a decade ago. “YU – GI – OH !”     Season 4  /  Episode  2 ‘A NEW EVIL’   (August...

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Hello, I know a dozen limericks written by AC. Here are three of them. ——————- 1 A sausage-lipped songster of Steyning Was solemnly bent on attaining. But he broke all the rules About managing...

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SPHINX: The ‘Fama’ Turns 400 !

I feel I should report to the Membership the occurrence this year of a happy occasion – the 400th Anniversary of the first publication in 1614 of that herald of Rosicrucian enlightenment : “The Fama of the Fraternity...

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