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Magical Record of Victor B Neuburg

The 100th Monkey Press is pleased to announce the publication of the Magical Record of Victor B. Neuburg. On 8 April 1909 Victor B. Neuburg took the Oath of Probationer in the A.A. Aleister Crowley’s newly formed magical order. In June of 1909 Neuburg traveled from Cambridge to Crowley’s home, Boleskine House…

Victor Neuburg: The New Diana

The second book of the series from 100th Monkey Press is the debut of Victor B Neuburg’s unpublished poem The New Diana. Available in a very limited hand-bound edition of only 75 copies. Victor B Neuburg’s final draft of The New Diana was completed 28 June 1912. An advertisement announcing the poem as “in preparation” was included in the September… Read more »

Sybarite Among The Shadows

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SYBARITE AMONG THE SHADOWSby R C McNefffrom International Times, July, 1977 Reproduced by kind permission of the author. Copyright 1977 R C McNeff – all rights reserved.Click here for a scan of the original publication ALEISTER CROWLEY (1875-1947) self-styled prophet of the New Eon, The Great Beast 666, was amongst the first to experiment scientifically with psychedelic drugs. Crowley devoted… Read more »