Regular visitors to this site will know just how much I admire Weiser Antiquarian and their always-fascinating book catalogues. This time, though, they have outdone themselves, with two Catalogues announced at the same time. And, believe me, the content is astonishing! Many items have already sold but the catalogues remain – in any case – a fabulous resource for those of us obsessed with the writings of Aleister Crowley.Continue Reading

Our annual “Holiday Bargain List” is now on-line. It comprises an interesting mixture of fresh items and items from stock, mostly on the Occult and Eastern Religions, but also covering some other fields of interest, all discounted from our regular reasonable prices. As well as a number of discounted newContinue Reading

Weiser Antiquarian Books Catalogue No. 167 Mostly Magick: Surplus Books from the Library of Stephen Skinner As the title suggests, the one hundred and sixty-seventh of our on-line catalogues comprises duplicates and other surplus books from the library of well-known occult scholar Stephen Skinner. To view the catalogue please go to theContinue Reading

We’re used to seeing remarkable items for sale from Weiser Antiquarian, but this is simply extraordinary! (NB: This item is now SOLD.)  Aleister Crowley, The original holograph manuscript of “The Book of Lies.” [Full title:] Liber CCCXXXIII (333), The Book of Lies Which is Also Falsely Called BREAKS the Wanderings orContinue Reading

The usual excellence from Weiser Antiquarian… Aleister Crowley & Associates Used and Rare Books and Items of Ephemera It is a typically varied catalogue, with ordinary second hand books as well as rarities. Amongst the latter are a copy of the special edition (on handmade paper) of Clouds Without Water (1909);Continue Reading

Yet more gems sparkling brightly in the latest catalogue from Weiser Antiquarian… The catalogue comprises a typically mixed selection, from rare books and ephemera, to relatively recent reprints of material by or relating to Aleister Crowley. Amongst the more unusual items are an autograph letter, signed, from Crowley to hisContinue Reading

Weiser Antiquarian continues, with its latest catalog, to maintain an extraordinarily high standard. There are literally dozens of items in the latest one that I’d love to have in my archives! Weiser Antiquarian Books CatalogueNo. 106 Aleister Crowley Used and Rare Books and Ephemera Online now at: Weiser AntiquarianContinue Reading

Weiser Antiquarian: 103 - TBOTL

Another list from Weiser Antiquarian, this one focusing on The Book Of The Law, and it’s once again a treasure house of delights. Many remarkable items at reasonable prices… Weiser Antiquarian Books Catalogue No. 103Aleister Crowley and The Book of the Law Weiser Antiquarian Books is pleased to announce theContinue Reading

Now Available Forgotten Templars: The Untold Origins of Ordo Templi Orientis by Richard Kaczynski A remarkably comprehensive and detailed study of the weird and wonderful world of late nineteenth century esotericism and fringe-masonry, that begat the Ordo Templi Orientis. “An unlikely cocktail of actors and musicians, doctors and merchants, anarchists andContinue Reading

Now Available from Weiser Antiquarian Books: From the College of Thelema of Northern California in conjunction with The Teitan Press: The Kabbalah, Magick, and Thelema. Selected Writings. Volume II by Phyllis Seckler Edited by David Shoemaker, Gregory Peters and Rorac JohnsonForeword by Lon Milo DuQuette Phyllis Seckler (“Soror Meral:” 1917-2004) wasContinue Reading