The death has been announced of Raymond Buckland Known as Robat, Raymond Buckland, born 31 August 1934), was an English writer on the subject of Wicca and the occult, and a significant figure in the history of Wicca, of which he was a High Priest in both the Gardnerian andContinue Reading

Raymond Salvatore Harmon will speak on the history of witches ointments at the Wynd Museum in Hackney, London, on Tuesday 25 October 2016. He will talk about how these forms of folk medicine were used as a tool to suppress women’s rights and literally demonized by the establishment.Continue Reading

In the early morning hours Sunday, Wiccan priest, teacher, and author Gavin Frost died after enduring significant pain from numerous internal physical problems. Gavin had surgery scheduled for late September, but his physical condition worsened making the operation impossible. Source: Gavin Frost, 1930 – 2016Continue Reading

The death has been announced of Michael Howard, editor of The Cauldron and proponent of Traditional Craft. Source: The Cauldron_homeContinue Reading

Although not directly related to Aleister Crowley or his legacy, I include this article from the Daily Mail as it demonstrates a rather pleasing change of tone in the media to things broadly ‘esoteric’: According to the 2011 census, there are 53,172 pagans, or people who believe in something otherContinue Reading

Saturday 9 February 2013: Buratti Fine Art – 222 Queen Victoria Street, North Fremantle, Western Australia Aleister Crowley is most associated with his magical-spiritual philosophy of Thelema and the Orders he reformed or created to promote it, but his influence can be found within modern Witchcraft or Wicca which uses his magicContinue Reading