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Xul Solar – Zero Equals Two

From ZeroEqualsTwo.net This portrait of Aleister Crowley was painted by Xul Solar.  An Argentine artist whose birth name was Oscar Agustin Alejandro Schulz Solari, (December 14th 1887 – April 9th 1963). The title of this piece is “Muy Mago” which roughly translates into Supreme Magus or Magician, (“Very Magus” would be a literal translation and such odd wording was typical for titles of his work).  Xul Solar met Crowley and Leah Hirsig, no later than 1924, while exhibiting his art in Paris and it is believed this is the year he joined the A.’.A.’. – however (according to Erin Teeple) it is possible that the two met as early as 1915.* Yet, it wasn’t until 1924 that Xul first began his famous visionary project, San Signos; resulting in a book of meditations done under the guidance of English mystic Aleister Crowley. Xul reports that Crowley taught him a secret method…
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Xul Solar and Jorge Luis Borges: The Art of Friendship

My sincere thanks to a very good friend of this site for an account of a visit to the Xul Solar and Jorge Luis Borges: The Art of Friendship exhibition which continues until July 20 at the Americas Society, 680 Park Avenue, at 68th Street in New York: Crowley features prominently in the show — a display case spreads out the five or so pages of his “diagnosis” for Xul Solar to assist him in finding his true will, and setting his task, which was to systematically scry the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching (this took him years to accomplish but he eventually completed them, and they have been published recently in Argentina). In 1924 Crowley and Leah taught him to astral project using the same technique used by AC to teach CS Jones during his visit to Vancouver in 1915 — and that Jones would use to teach…
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