Technical Fault with Forums

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Please note that the site is currently (1720 BST Sunday 21 May 2017) experiencing some technical issues that are preventing replies to the Forums.

Apologies for any inconvenience. Updates will be posted here as Comments to this item and also via social media (Twitter @lashtal account).

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I’ve noticed recently that when i post, i can only see my post by logging out- even though my post will be listed in the “Recent Forum Posts” sidebar, i can’t actually see it until i log out. I first noticed this about three weeks ago or so.

Jamie J Barter

Me too! (As can be seen from my original double posting in the “Start of interest Crowley/Thelema?”topic). But as no one else commented & my experience with PCs & tech has alsways been a bit idiosyncratic I’d thought it was just me!



Just posted again, once again the only way to see my post is to log out; hitting reload after posting changes nothing. If i then log in again, it remains visible.