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The purpose of the Carfax Monographs was to reconstruct and elucidate the hidden lore of the West according to the canons preserved in various modern esoteric orders and movements. This new edition draws upon unseen material from the Kenneth and Steffi Grant Archive to present this pioneering series in a fresh light. An illustrated contextual essay from Henrik Bogdan makes clear the importance of Steffi’s early role as protagonist; working as artist–researcher, author and series administrator. For this new edition Fulgur have also re-photographed Steffi’s large scale Golden Dawn sketchbooks to reproduce her key images as full-colour  facsimiles. In addition, the original essays have been edited and full citations added, together with a bibliography; all cross-referenced with the Kenneth and Steffi Grant library to ensure the editions cited are those they worked from themselves.

The Carfax Monographs series may be seen as the antecedent of Kenneth Grant’s famed trilogies; this edition aims to be the most comprehensive yet.

Source: The Carfax Monographs – Fulgur Press

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William Thirteen

not to be confused with Carfax – the service