The English Illuminati by Alistair Lees

Published for the very first time, the English Illuminati rituals are revealed in full to the reader alongside other original source materials. A unique opportunity to see what really went on behind the scenes, changing perceptions and sharing the true story of the English branch of the world’s most notorious order.

The book starts with a chance discovery – a secret manuscript locked in a box and hidden away in a private occult library. Within was found a handwritten notebook by Dr William Wynn Westcott. It had lain there for over a century, waiting patiently to be discovered and its contents brought to light.

Building on the scholarly work of The Secret School of Wisdom, the story of the English Illuminati starts a hundred years after the original order was banned. In 1880 the order was relaunched by Theodore Reuss in Munich and it is from this organisation that the secret documents originated, eventually finding themselves in the hands of W W Westcott. Westcott took it upon himself to have them translated and to introduce the Illuminati to English society at the turn of the 20th century. Discover the fascinating men and women who were members of the order and other characters and mysterious societies active at the time and how they all fit into the story.

Available from Lewis Masonic


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I’d certainly like to have this, although I think it will be very similar to The Secret School of Wisdom which I found a bit dry. The English Illuminati, however, had input from both Dr William Wynn Westcott and Theodore Reuss, so it was probably very different to the 1780s version.
The book is £30, by the way, which isn’t too bad.


Have a copy on order from Lewis Masonic and look forward to reading it. Also ordered some books about the Knight Templars, and copies of The Square independent Masonic magazine, with interesting articles on Royal Arch, P.G. Wodehouse, UNO and more. I bought a copy some years ago, with the main front page and article inside about how Masonic and fraternal orders were suppressed in Nazi Germany (the occult Thule Society was also banned despite funding the DAP and its successor the Nazi Party in the 1920s).