The Great Beast on Politics: Aleister Crowley’s Thelemic State Revealed

Interesting article (from 18 March 2017) in New Dawn magazine by Dr K R Bolton…

“There is no law but do what thou wilt” is the dictum of Thelema, misunderstood precisely for what it is not: anarchism and ego-driven individualism of the type promoted by the ‘Black Adepts’ in the name of democracy, liberalism, human rights and other popular clichés designed to fracture and deconstruct society as a dialectical process for reconstructing a ‘new world order’. Crowley unequivocally stated that “do what thou wilt” “must not be regarded as individualism run wild.”



  1. lashtal (Post author)

    Thanks to Mogg Morgan for the link, which I previously missed.

  2. Mazus

    This New Dawn article is actually an excerpt from a longer thought provoking article in the book I have referenced below. Troy Southgate is a polarising figure himself but I recommend the book of essays that that the Bolton essay appears in (poor editing notwithstanding) .

    Bolton, K.R. (2011). Aleister Crowley as political theorist. In T. Southgate (Ed.) Crowley: Thoughts and perspectives, volume 2 (pp. 5-
    28). Black Front Press: London

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