The Sacred Alignment & Dark Side of Sigils

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The Sacred Alignment & Dark Side of Sigils by Robert Podgurski

An invaluable manual and research tool for serious students of Magick and Western Esotericism — a nexus spanning Enochian Magick, Ley Lines and Geomagnetism, Chthonic Magick, Shamanism, and much more.

Sacred Alignments is the next step in sigil magick — the development and use of multidimensional sigils that can be simultaneously projected inwards and externally beyond the immediate confines of the individual’s mundane sphere.

The Sacred Alignments & Dark Side of Sigils is innovative amongst modern grimoires and occult studies and introduces the reader to The Grid Sigil — an highly developed magical tool that acts as a sigil, not just in the sense of Austin Osman Spare’s notion of a sigil (as an internalized implement) but as an active device for external applications such as dowsing, working with the four elements, etc.

The Grid Sigil is a multidimensional tool that potentially acts as a catalyst to assist the practitioner (through careful meditation and application) with work in harnessing various spatial power zones and as an aid in comprehending the relationship between microcosm and macrocosm.

Sacred Alignments is not simply a manual of practical modern magick but a scholarly, critical study of modern Sigil Magick and its underpinnings. It is rooted in the thoughts of Robert Grosetteste, the medieval concepts of the Divine Signature, and Eastern antecedents such as Tantric Philosophies on Yantra and Mandala.

A limited edition of 525 numbered copies.

Hardback, large square format (12ins x 12ins), 222pp. Bound in a black subtle weave linen finished paper and elegantly blocked in matt black on upper board and matt gold on the spine.

Produced using archival quality print upon a superb 110gsm acid-free, soft white, archival art paper.

The work is profusely illustrated throughout and has a comprehensive Index.

Price: £60

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