The Satanic Temple has Been Recognized as a Church by the IRS

In a historic move today, The Satanic Temple has been recognized as an official church by the IRS. This is the first time that any religious organization under a Satanic heading has been given this distinction in the US.

This gives the church, which began as a socio-political organization, a host of benefits to aid in their quest to insure the separation of church and state. It will also aid their constant quest to underline the fact that religious freedom means freedom for all religions, not just those of Judeo-Christian lineage.

Source: The Satanic Temple has Been Recognized as a Church by the IRS

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William Thirteen

Can’t wait for VP Pence to weigh in on this!

Nexist Xendaths

Not sure why I should be happy about a group promoting mainstream normative culture under the guise of “satanism” getting labelled as a Church rather than a PAC. While they are amusing, we are in far more danger from Secular authorities than the attenuated vestiges of the Christian Religion. Hell, we are threatened more by Islamic religions than by Christianity.