The Thelemic Time Server

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A Service for Thelemic Websites

By Ian RonsAeon

The Thelemic Time Server is’s answer to the difficulty of presenting Thelemic dates on websites.  The server provides the data in three different formats: as an image, as HTML or as XML; and there are no “minimum software requirements” for displaying the data on a website.  The HTML and image output is flexible enough to allow for any styling requirements, whilst the raw XML offers the possibility of complete control over the display of the data with, for example, PHP or Perl.

The Thelemic dates are given according to the “true” (as distinct from the “apparent”) Tropical zodiac positions of the planets as referenced to the centre of earth, and to an accuracy of within one second of Universal Time.  The Thelemic Date is a useful format for the internet, since for all normal purposes the Thelemic Date may be considered to be the same around the world at any given time.  Local timezone adjustments can, however, be accommodated; although this is only relevant if displaying days of the week or for reverse date lookups, etc.

The simplest possible way of using the time server is to put the following HTML code into a webpage:

<img src="" alt="" title="Thelemic Date" />

but please see the documentation page for all the different customization options, such as changing the colour and showing degrees, etc.

Please note that I no longer maintain this project.

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