Thelemic Symposium at KTO

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Thelemic Symposium at KTO with Colin Campbell, Mike Estell, and Kerry Kurowski

Salem, MA, Saturday October 27, 2012

About Colin Campbell:

About Mike Estell:

About Kerry Kurowski:

After their introductions, each panelist answers three questions. They have been given more than two months to prepare answers to these questions:

  • What major differences have you found, comparing your present perspective on Thelema to when you first approached the Work?
  • What do you think initiation is?
  • At this stage in the history of Thelema, what is the best way we can contribute to the development of Thelemic culture?

Complete info and tickets:

Important Parking Information

Parking will be terrible. Attendees should come early and park near Mason street (turn right at Citgo), and walk into downtown from there.

Important Lodging Information

Because Halloween is a major event in Salem, lodging within the city will be extremely limited. Many lodging options are listed at the website for your convenience:

The following Wednesday is Halloween in Salem, when over 100,000 people in costume will flood the town! Come early and stay late!

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