Thelemic Time Server v2 BETA – available for testing

Dear LAShTAL members,

It is with great pleasure that I’m announcing the release of Thelemic Time Server v2 into public beta testing. New TTS is work of one cool guy called Clay Fouts. I just helped with initial testing and made the whole LAShTAL setup. New TTS is way cooler than what we’re using right now. The most important thing being – no more PHP. TTS is using Era Legis module written in Perl.

Further, we have moved completely to plain text which allows anyone using TTS on their website to do complete formatting independent of what we send as a result.

TTS v2 can be found here:  It is a very simple HOWTO page. If you need any further help please do contact us. Our TTS is running on the following URL:

In order to see any date in future or in the past just feed URL with the desired date: In order to see this same result in PNG format use:

The plan is to make a more user friendly page that will let you see past and future dates as well convert Thelemic dates into vulgar ones. Android and iPhone apps are planned too.

Please, try it, test it, break it… we need to know if there are any bugs left before removing “BETA” from TTS.

This is one of very few things that are left on TODO list before we can say that LAShTAL is completely free of the old code.


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