Three Papers on Crowley and Peyote

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Patrick Everitt, a graduate student of the History of Hermetic Philosophy and Related Currents at the Universiteit van Amsterdam,  has posted three papers on the relationship of Aleister Crowley Magical Philosophy and Peyote. You can download them here:

Source: Three Papers on Crowley and Peyote – Zero Equals Two!

With all the hollow rattling sound emanating from discussions about whether The Book Of The Law was written in April or not (!), it’s refreshing to read the results of some real research. Extraordinarily significant for those with knowledge of AC’s life and lifestyle. The editor of this site was pleased to have the opportunity to read Patrick’s thesis ahead of publication and recommends it highly.

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Just tremendous stuff, very well-written and researched- as good academic scholarship on AC as I have seen.
Makes a very cogent argument for peyote as the hidden thread throughout Thelema, Scientific Illuminism, and AC’s work in general. The bits on TBOL are particularly interesting.