Thunder Perfect Mind by Nomi Chi

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Thunder Perfect Mind by Nomi Chi

8 x 22 inches

Fine art screenprint on archival quality paper

Limited to 75 copies, individually numbered and signed

Thunder Perfect Mind takes its inspiration from a variety of sources – the original Nag Hammadi text, the Current 93 composition of the same name and various other esoteric interests.

Additionally the print can be seen as a companion piece to The Fool, Chi’s collaboration with Michael Staley which was released in June 2013. Lauded by admirers and with the deluxe edition selling out in days, The Fool made a significant impact upon publication unveiling Chi’s unique and groundbreaking depiction of Atu 0.

Illuminated further by Michael Staley’s insightful essay, The Fool invites analysis and a thoughtful, considered response.

The central figure in Thunder Perfect Mind however announces herself loudly, she is the ”whore and the virgin” – the creator and the destroyer of worlds. Reminiscent of Babalon, the pulsating, primal female sexual impulse, Thunder Perfect Mind is a wild and untamed image.

Thunder Perfect Mind will be released at 12 noon EST on October 22nd at


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