To Boleskine House & Back Again

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With thanks to user VACCALEEN…

Gone to see the Boleskine House once more (or at least the walls that’s left of it), i had later the courtesy to get together with the present Boleskine landlords in Dores Inn. After a very pleasant and comfortable supper with their nice company, i was happily left to expect a proposition for only some ground in and around the Boleskine House. Rest of the trip that i took as a holiday wen’t in a ably enjoyable manner, especially in regards to teaming up with Gary and his lovely family of course! One day i even went to see the Boleskine House over again with Gary who gave me some keen 10 year old whiskey as a present. What an adventure indeed!


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3 comments on “To Boleskine House & Back Again

  1. Jamie J Barter

    Give it a few more years together with concomitant exposure to the rough Scottish elements, and Skene might end up in a similar sorry state to the Abbey of Thelema in the rather more hospitable climes and temperate surroundings of Cefalu.

    We might even have a campaign to “Save the Kaaba”, along the same lines of “Save the Abbey”. With similar effects (=minimal, unfortunately). No murals or Chambre de Cauchemars there, of course, but…

    Trust that the invisible house there standeth is itself made of sterner stuff!

    Norma N Joy Conquest

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