Aleister Crowley’s monumental opus, The Vision and The Voice, recounts his travels with Victor Neuburg in Algeria in 1909. Together they walked across the desert of North Africa, and invoked the Enochian aethyrs along the way. With Crowley as seer and Neuburg as scribe (hence the Vision and the Voice), the astral realms first explored by John Dee and Edward Kelly come alive in this verbatim account of their experiences.

Never before put in ‘audiobook’ format, this release of Liber 418 from Seven Ravens comes on the 110th anniversary of the first Algerian skrying. Aleister Crowley’s The Vision & The Voice continues the Seven Ravens project of bringing the ‘Class A’ works of Crowley to a wider public. The text of all 30 aethyrs is set to an original synthesizer backing track, encompassing over 6 hours of words and music. Kick back with some earbuds, AL 2:22, and let your mind wander to the dark workings on the dark continent over a century ago.

Released November 23, 2019