UK ‘Censor Wall’ to Include ‘Esoteric’ Sites

There’s much to find troubling about the UK Government’s latest distraction attempt: a “default-on” censorship app for every connection in the UK. Prime Minister Cameron has announced his expectation that it will be ‘live’ by the end of this year.

While we would all sympathize with the declared objectives, whistleblowers apparently report that the censorware will come equipped to block an enormous swath of legal Internet content, and unless you untick the boxes, this will all be censored for your Internet connection:

☑ pornography
☑ violent material
☑ extremist and terrorist related content
☑ anorexia and eating disorder websites
☑ suicide related websites
☑ alcohol
☑ smoking
☑ web forums
esoteric material
☑ web blocking circumvention tools


Esoteric material?



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