Unravel the symbols of ancient Egypt

Thanks to the new Google Arts & Culture tool Fabricius, anyone can interactively discover this fascinating language by means of three dedicated gateways:

First, you can “Learn” about the language of ancient Egypt by following a short educational introduction in six easy steps. Secondly, Fabricius invites you to “Play” and translate your own words and messages into hieroglyphics ready to be shared with your friends and family.

With the help of “Fabricius,” a tool using the power of ML, you can learn about ancient hieroglyphics, decode and even write in them.

Source: Unravel the symbols of ancient Egypt

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Thanks for sharing this, I never would have known!


Personally, I would prefer E. Wallis Budge’s book of learning Egyptian hieroglyphics. He is old school, but I am comfortable with his works. Although modern Egyptologists tend to look down on him, and still like his books and translations.


ERRATUM: I still like his (Budge) books and translations.


I checked out the site. I was not impressed. If there anything I hate it’s cartoon characters explaining things to me. This site might fine for kids, but that’s about it. Who wants a birthday greeting written in Hieroglyphs? Lame.