Voudon Gnostic Carrefour Tarot

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This gallery of images operates on many levels at once. It is based in an extensive period of initiatic work with OTOA-LCN and yet it can and will speak to ANYONE who is open to the wonderful powers and presence of Les Vudu. It is absolutely a tool for deepening one’s spiritual awareness.” – Ordo Templi Orientis Antiqua & La Couleuvre Noire

The Carrefour Tarot is based upon the Creole Cabala of the Tarot mentioned by Michael Bertiaux in the teaching papers of the Monastery of the Seven Rays. I am currently working on an essay regarding its history, influences and practical application for Qliphoth Journal’s forthcoming Opus III edition.

It is unlike a traditional tarot in that there are 64 cards and none of them relate to the traditional arrangement of Major and Minor Arcana. With the first 100 copies of my deck there are also 6 special Signifier cards which were originally only intended for Order members (Gran Bois, Gros Bon Ange, Spider Loa, FA Hat of the Houngan and Bacalou Baca). The 64 main deck is made of two sets of 32 cards. These represent the forces of the Creole Caballa Tarot in two aspects.

These themselves include Masters, Hierophants, Servers and Priests of the Four Great Crosses of the Quarters. The deck can be used for divination, as portals for meditation and evocation and for magickal operations. The Spider Loa card for example is a Signifier used for LCN time travel. Over the period it took to create the deck I began to see the importance of the Leghba and the Crossroads in thedynamics of the deck, for the four crosses rotate around the central cross of Leghba and the four cards of his astrological aspects. For this reason I named it after Carrefour, the Haitian god of magicians and lord of the crossroads, also called Kalfu.
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