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*Purchases [[Boleskine House]] with the intention of carrying out the Sacred Magick of Abra-Melin the Mage
*Purchases [[Boleskine House]] with the intention of carrying out the Sacred Magick of Abra-Melin the Mage
==  1900 ==
==  1900 ==  
*January 16: In Paris, initiated by Mathers 5o=6∀ [[Adeptus Minor]]; takes motto [[Christeos Luciftas]]
*January 16: In Paris, initiated by Mathers 5o=6∀ [[Adeptus Minor]]; takes motto [[Christeos Luciftas]]
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*July 6: Reaches New York. Stays in New York for two or three days then travels to Mexico City by train. Lies sick in the Hotel Iturbide for a period.
*July 6: Reaches New York. Stays in New York for two or three days then travels to Mexico City by train. Lies sick in the Hotel Iturbide for a period.
*Obtained 33* in [[Freemasonry]] in Mexico City.
*Obtained 33* (33rd and last degree of Scottish Rite[[Freemasonry]] in Mexico City.
*August: The 30th and 29th Aethyrs in Mexico.
*August: The 30th and 29th Aethyrs (TEX and RII)in Mexico.
== 1901 ==   
== 1901 ==   

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Aleister Crowley


  • October 12: Born at Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, England, between 2300 hours and midnight GMT. Parents members of The Plymouth Brethren, a fundamentalist evangelical Christian sect.




Aleister Crowley: 1889


View from Beinn Mheadhain
  • September: Climbs Ben Cruachan (1126m) in Scotland
  • October: Climbs Ben Nevis (1344m) in Scotland


  • August: Climbs Ben Ledi (879m), Ben A’an (461m), Ben Vorlich 985m), Ben More (Crianlarich) (966m), Ben Lawers (1214m), Ben Laiogh, Ben Oss (1029m) and Ben Dubh-Chraige (978m) in Scotland
  • September: Climbs Sgurr nan Gillian (964m), Sgurr a' Ghreadaidh (973), Bruach na Frìthe (958m), Meall a' Chrasgaidh (934m), Am Basteir (934m), Sgurr a' Mhadaidh (918m) and Bloody Stone in Scotland


  • April: Climbs Tryfan (915m), Glyder Fach (994m), Glyder Fawr (999m), Y Garn (947m) and Foel Grach (976m) in Wales
  • May: Climbs Glyder Fach (994m), Glyder Fawr (999m), Craig Yr Isfa, Carnedd Dafydd (1044m), Carnedd Llewellyn (1064m), Yr elen (962m), Foel Grach (976m), Pen yr Helgi Du (833m), Snowdon (1085m) and Y Lliwedd (898m) in Wales. Also a first ascent of the Twill Ddu cliff of Cloqwen y Geifr (fittingly: the Cliff of the Goat) at Cwm Idwal.
  • June: Climbs Helvellyn (950m), Dollywagon Pike (858m), Harrison Stickle (736m), Stickle Pike (375m), Thunacar Knotts (723m), High White Stones (795m), Seargeant Man (736m), Skiddaw (931m), Lower Man (925m), Bowfell (902m), Great End (910m), Ill Crag (935m), Broad Crag (931m), Scafell Pike (971m), Scafell (964m), Pillar (892m), Great Napes Needle (899m) and Great Gable (899m) in the Lake District, North West England.
  • September: Climbs Pike o’ Blisco (705m), Crinkle Crags (815m), Shelter Crags (815m), Bowfell (902m), Hanging Knott (862m), Rossett Crag (651m), Stickle Pike (375m), Scafell Pike (978m), Pavey Ark (697m), Harrison Stickle (736m), Great Napes Needle (899m), Great Gable (899m), Pillar (892m) and Scafell (964m) in the Lake District, North West England.


  • January through July he attends Eastbourne College in Eastbourne, East Sussex, conveniently situated just east of Beachy Head. He "takes over" the Eastbourne Chess Club and under the pen name Ta Dhuibh edits a chess column named Chess Notes which appears every Wednesday in the Eastbourne Gazette, arguably these are his first publications. His efforts to reorganize the club and transform it into a first rate chess club eventually lead to schism, the club splits apart.
  • March 3: He leads the club to its first victory against Uckfield, which culminates in his first ever published limerick, commencing with "There was a smart chess club at Eastbourne..."
  • April: Climbs at Beachy Head, the highest chalk sea cliff in Britain, rising to 162 m (530 ft) above sea level. First ascent of Etheldreda’s Pinnacle. He travels back to the Lake District, climbing Pavey Ark (697m), Harrison Stickle (736m), Stickle Pike (375m), Pike o’ Blisco (705m), Crinkle Crags (815m), Shelter Crags (815m), Bowfell (902m), Scafell Pike (978m), Scafell Crags (964m) with Deep Ghyll, Professor’s Chimney, Deep Ghyll Pillar, Broad Stand, Steep Ghyll and Pulpit Rock, Great Gable (899m) with Kern Knotts Chimney, Ravens Crag, Great Napes Ridge & Gully, Great Napes Needle. Through the whole of April he climbs dozens of different routes at Scafell Crags (964m).
  • April 9: First ascent of Mickledore Chimney at Scafell Crags (964m).
  • June & July: Back at Beachy Head. First ascents of Etheldreda’s Pinnacle Gully, Dent du Voleur, Crowley’s Climb, Pollux Chimney, Aiguille du Bois and Grant’s Chimney.
  • August & September: He leaves Eastbourne and the Chess Club shattered to go climbing in the Swiss, Italian and Austrian Alps. Climbs Flüela Weisshorn (3085m), Flüela Schwarzhorn (3147m), Schiahorn (2636m), (3139m), Monte Cevedale (3769m), Suldenspitze (3376), Tschenglser Hochwand (Croda di Cengles) (3375m), Könisspitze (3851m), Schrötterhorn (3386m), Vertainsspitze (3545m), Angelusspitze (3521m), Eiskögele (3426m), Thurwieserspitze (3652m), Hochjoch (2770m), Monte Zebrù (3735m ), Ortler (3905m), Pleisshorn (3158m).
  • September 24: He seeks membership in the Scottish Mountaineering Club, listing all his ascents so far.
  • December 7: A Special General Meeting of the Scottish Mountaineering Club is held at Glasgow where Crowley is balloted for and elected member of the Club.


  • May: A lengthy article on his climbs at Beachy Head appears in the Scottish Mountaineering Club Journal Volume 3 Number 5
  • ???: Climbing in The Alps.


  • ???: First ascent of the Trifthorn (3728m) in Switzerland.
  • December 31: First mystical experience on a visit to Stockholm. He writes: I was awakened to the knowledge that I possessed a magical means of becoming conscious of and satisfying a part of my nature which had up to that moment concealed itself from me. It was an experience of horror and pain, combined with a certain ghostly terror, yet at the same time it was the key to the purest and holiest spiritual ecstasy that exists. At the time, I was not aware of the supreme importance of the matter. It seemed to me little more than a development of certain magical processes with which I was already familiar, it was an isolated experience, not repeated until exactly twelve months later, to the minute.


  • ???: He climbs Pic Coolidge (3774m), Brèche de la Meije (3357m), Aiguille de la Za (3673m) and the Mont Collon (3637m) in the French/Italian Alps.
  • ???: Travels to St. Petersburg to learn Russian for the Diplomatic Service. Returns via Berlin to attend the Chess Congress. Begins reading alchemical and mystical works and books on magic.


  • ???: Aleister writes and publishes what would later become part of his Collected Works, volume 1, 2, and 3. Including works such as "Time", "Eleusis", "Sword of Song" and "Tannhauser"
  • April: He meets Oscar Eckenstein at Wastdale Head during Easter week (10-16 April). (Confessions, Chapter 76, p. 760)
  • December: 1o=10∀ Zelator; Begins Ceremonial Magic. Astral traveling carried out with G C Jones.


  • The Honourable Adulterers - A Tragedy. Privately published
  • Jephthah and Other Mysteries. 1000 copies published by Kegan Paul,Trench, Trubner & Co.
  • Songs of the Spirit. Published by Kegan Paul,Trench, Trubner & Co.
  • January: 2o=9∀ Theoricus; Meets Allan Bennett (Fr Iehi Aour) and becomes his chela, sharing rooms with him at 67-69 Chancery Lane, London, from Spring to Autumn

Adopts name 'Count Vladimir Svareff' early in the year and uses it until the purchase of Boleskine House

  • Purchases Boleskine House with the intention of carrying out the Sacred Magick of Abra-Melin the Mage


  • April 17: At the request of Mathers, AC attempts to seize the Vault of the Adepts and the property of Isis-Urania that was housed at 36 Blythe Road. With the lease not being in his name he had no legal right to any of the property and left without anything. William Butler Yeats writes of it, "...(Mathers) sent a mad man- whom we refused to initiate- to take possession of the rooms and papers of the Society. ..." Yeats continues, "The envoy is really Crowley, a quite unspeakable person. He is I believe seeking vengeance for us not initiating him......Mathers like all despots must have a favourite and this is the lad."
  • April 21: Attends meeting of the Inner Order of the Golden Dawn.
  • July 6: Reaches New York. Stays in New York for two or three days then travels to Mexico City by train. Lies sick in the Hotel Iturbide for a period.
  • Obtained 33* (33rd and last degree of Scottish RiteFreemasonry in Mexico City.
  • August: The 30th and 29th Aethyrs (TEX and RII)in Mexico.


  • May 3: Ships-off to Hawaii on a Japanese vessel.
  • May 6: Concentration on the symbol of an Egg in between two white pillars- 32 minutes with 10 breaks, noting that it was best after the tenth break.
  • May 7: Concentration on the symbol of an Egg in between two white pillars- 6 minutes with 3 breaks. "I seemed to collapse suddenly." Later that evening he concentrated on the Golden Dawn symbol of a white triangle surmounted by a red cross- 14 minutes with 3 breaks.
  • May (mid month): "Assumption of the God-form of Harpocrates; it lasted nine minutes; the result was good, for I got a distinct aura around me."
  • August 6: Meets Allan Bennett in Colombo (NB: Israel Regardie's, The Eye in the Triangle has this as the date AC arrives in Ceylon- meeting Bennett the following day.)
  • August 17: AC and Bennett travel to Kandy
  • August 28: Commences three day silent meditation under Bennett's instruction
  • August 29: "Began mental muttering of 'Aum Mani Padmi Hum' while meditating on Buddha. This developed into Pratyaharic Dharana; loss of ego and a vision of mysterious power; loss of all objects mental and physical. I do not know how long this lasted. I woke meditating on Anahata. The voice of Nada was like a far-off solumn song; it became Aum only, dropping 'Mani Padmi Hum' and then was more like thunder without harmonics."
  • September 6: "Dharana on tip of nose. I obtained a clear understanding of the unreality of that nose. This persists. An hour later whilst breathing on my arm as I was asleep, I said to myself: "What is this hot breath from?" I was forced to think before I could answer "my nose." Then I pinched myself and remembered at once; but again breathing the same thing happed again. Therefore the "Dharanation" of my nose dividualizes Me and My Nose, affects my nose, disproves my nose, abolishes, annihilates and expunges my nose."
  • September (a few days after the 6th): "Dharana on tip on nose 9 minutes 50 seconds. I actually lost the nose on one occasion, and could not think what I wished to find or where to find it; my mind having become perfectly blank."
  • September (day after above entry): "I did Dharana as before on my nose. I understand one Buddhist conception for now, for: I was (a) conscious of external things seen behind, after my nose had vanished, i.e. alter, etc; and (b) that I was not conscious of these things. These two consciousnesses being simultaneously. This seems an absurd and inexplicable, it is noted in Buddhist psychology, yet I know it."


Aleister Crowley: K2
  • January 1: At Calcutta, fever, indigestion, mental depression until the 10th
  • January 21: To Rangoon with one Edward Thornton, catches fever again. Sick until the 26th
  • January 29: Train to Prome [now: Pyay, Burma]. Engages Peter, a Madras Tamil boy at 1.8 rupees a day and warm clothes. Advance of 10 rupees. Also three carts at government rates plus "a little tip"
  • January 30: 6.45 starts for Natha. Shoots a parrot.
  • January 31: 7.15 starts for Leh-young. Shoots partridge, paddy-bird and two pigeons
  • February 1: 8.15 starts for Mendon. Shoots pigeon and woodpecker.
  • February 2: 6.40 starts for jungle. Shoots aureole, woodpecker and parrot. Back at 2.30, bathes and shoots "the big white paddy bird with infinite pains"
  • February 3: Thornton kills leopard.
  • February 4: Starts down the Mondon Chong and shoots many birds. Gets sick
  • February 5: Shoots deer. Night at Singoun
  • February 6: Eats the deer, shoots several birds, especially Brahman ducks which "are difficult to kill at all"
  • February 7: Shoots more ducks, a big stork and other birds. To Kama and steamboat back to Prome
  • February 8: Writes poem and rondel
  • February 10: Pays Peter, Thornton leaves. Gets sick
  • February 12: On board S.S. Camilla for Akyab
  • February 13: Boat to Sandoway. Meets Allan Bennett. Interesting: "If I wrote down regularly all dreams, would my waking memory of them improve?"
  • February 14: In temple with Allan and Lama Sayadaw Kyong.
  • February 15: Reconstructs Book III of Orpheus and reworks it
  • February 21: Writes Ahab 1-71
  • February 23: Boards SS Kapurthala for Calcutta
  • February 26: Arrives at Calcutta. Works on proofs of Tannhauser and Ahab
  • March 2: Goes snipe-shooting
  • March 7: Leaves Calcutta for Benares.
  • March 8: Arrives at Benares, Hotel de Paris
  • March 9: Visits Sex Temple and others in Kashmir
  • March 12: To Agra
  • March 15: To Delhi (The Temple of Solomon the King in Equinox I Vol 4 has the dates as "On the 16 P. left Agra and went to Delhi...")
  • March 21: Types essay all day
  • March 22: To Oakley, shoots mugger, loses a bigger one. Lectures 4 hours on Buddhism
  • March 23: Enters train to Rawal Pindi, Pakistan (The Temple of Solomon the King in Equinox I Vol 4 has the dates as "..on the 23 he (Perdurabo) was joined by D.A., and these two with their companions on the following day journeyed to Rawal Pindi.." They then traveled together for the next five months in and around the districts of Baltistan
  • March 24: Arrives in Pakistan, luggage does not
  • April 28: Leaves Sringar to commence climb of Chogo Ri (K2) in the Himalayas. Second in command of the expedition. Bad weather prevents the party from attaining the summit, but sets record for length of time spent on a glacier.
  • May 21: Made another "agreeable march" to Yuno.
  • May 22: Forged through miles of river bed filled with rounded stones; AC notes, "we had a most unpleasant day."
  • May 23: To Ghomboro.
  • Saturday May 24: Left Ghomoboro (NB: spelling variance from 23rd to 24th is AC's)at 4:40 a.m.
  • May 25: To Askoli.
  • June 2: Reached the "kiltas" only moving forward with absolute necessities and leaving eveything else with the "Lambadar at Askoli."
  • June 3: Spent evening "with Eckenstein weighing out the flour supply and painting the sacks."
  • June 5: "We marched" reaching Korophon just after 4:00.
  • June 7: Reached Paiyu by noon.
  • June 8: Completed preparations for his solitary portion of their journey with 20 coolies assisting him.
  • June 9: Set off to Camp 10 which he dubbed "Camp Misery."
  • June 21: "Knowles, the Doctor and myself were all ill and the weather was snowy."
  • June 23: Knowles and weather improved
  • June 24: Sat on the loose corner of his tent for 5 hours while wind "blew like hell!"
  • June 25: Dull weather
  • June 26: Bad weather
  • June 27: Weather cleared upon the arrival of Eckenstein.
  • June 28: Eckenstein ill
  • June 29: Could not start due to high winds.
  • June 30: AC had a "bad attack of snow blindness..."
  • July 1: Celebrated Knowles' birthday noting, "We had a really good time."


  • April: travels to London
  • June 11: After having moved his bed into the Temple constructed for the Abramelin Operation he was "afflicted by dreams and visions of the most appalling Abramelin devils...."
  • June 23: More yogic execises
  • June 28: Meditation on Ajna and "Mantra Aum Tat Sat Aum"
  • June 30: "Decide to do tests on old principle to see how I really stand."
  • July 2 - July 13: Almost daily records of his detailed yogic exercises.
  • July 13: Meets Gerald Kelly in Edinburgh and restocks his wines.


Aleister Crowley in 1904
  • February 8: AC and Rose arrive at Port Said.
  • February 9: AC and Rose arrive in Cairo.
  • February 20: "Began golf"
  • March 14: AC and Rose move into a flat in Cairo. (NB: His Confessions, Ch. 49, has this date as Wednesday, March 16 that he and Ouarda moved into an apartment with an unascertained address.) It is here where he registers under the Persian name of Chioa Khan, being the Hebrew for Beast.
  • March 16: Performs the Preliminary Invocation of The Goetia in a futile attempt to amuse Rose with the sylphs. She could not see them. Instead, Rose, in a strange state of mind, began repeating, "They are waiting for you."
  • March 17: Attempted to show Rose the sylphs again with mirrored results. Rose entered into the same state and began repeating her remarks and adding, "It's all about the child" and "All Osiris."
  • March 17: Invokes Thoth via Liber Israfel to find out if there was any reasoning behind the rantings of Rose. At the time of writing his autohagiography he failed to resurrect any memories of success, however his diary records, "Thoth, invoked with great success, indwells us."
  • March 18: The Thoth Invocation was possibly repeated as his record has this entry, "Revealed that the waiter was Horus, whom I had offended and ought to invoke."
  • March 18: Ouarda instructs AC on how to invoke Horus. AC was unimpressed and thought the instructions to be "rubbish."
  • March 19: Writes down and performs the Invocation of Horus. There was little success and he mentioned that he hated to do it at noon in robes in front of an open window that viewed the street. His request (to Ouarda) to make a second attempt at midnight was granted.
  • March 20: Invocation of Horus with "startling" success. He was told that, "The Equinox of the Gods had come" and that he was to formulate a link between the solar-spiritual force of the new epoch and mankind.

  • Spring/Summer: Crowley also publishes the manuscript he is said by some to have stolen from Mathers of "The Goetia, or Lesser Key of Solomon the King."


  • ???: Writes what would later be published as the "Tao Teh King" under the pseudonym of Ko Yuen.
  • November 3: Final meeting with Allan Bennett in Rangoon, Burma, for 3 days


  • ? January: 7o=4∀
  • February 9: Full moon. Consciousness begins to break through Ruach into Neschamah.
  • February 11: Considers a Magical Retirement.
  • February 14: Begins Augoeides Working while walking through China. Swollen throat glands.
  • February 15: Begins daily Invocations. Decides not to speak.
  • February 16: "A.'."
  • February 17: "A.'. though unwell."
  • February 18: "A.'. though ill."
  • February 19: "Some vision with Invocation."
  • February 20: Describing his performance of the Augoeides in his diary, he writes, " A.'. in A.M. disturbed, in P.M. rather good."
  • February 21: "A.'. in A.M. with M.'.C.'. good. in P.M. disturbed by drugs and diarrhoea."
  • February 22: "A.'. in A.M. poor (ill) in P.M. poor (sleepy)"
  • February 23: "A.'. in A.M. ppor. in P.M. rather good."
  • February 24: "A.'. in A.M. pretty good. in P.M. just on the point of being good."
  • February 25: "A.'. in A.M. mediocre." Thinking about "A.'. devils", seeking "a sufficient measure of protection." Receives letter from Wilkinson.
  • February 26: "A.'. sleepy (Baby ill)"
  • February 27: "A.'. rather good. A.M. disturbed. P.M."
  • February 28: "A.'. omitted through forgetful folly. in P.M. penitent but sleepy."
  • March 1: "A.'. penitent and fair", later "good". Decides for a new Pentagram Ritual before and after.
  • March 2: "New A.'. very difficult (walking on cobbles)"
  • March 3: "A.'. difficult."
  • March 4: "A.'. difficult."
  • March 5: "A.'. better but not good."
  • March 6: "A.'. better."
  • March 7: "A.'. still better."
  • March 8: "A.'. really very good. ditto in P.M."
  • March 9: "A.'. very poor."
  • March 10: "A.'. good considering (horseback)"
  • March 11: "A.'. poor (evil thoughts)"
  • March 12: "A.'. unconcentrated."
  • March 13: "A.'. literally aginst my own will. Beneath contempt."
  • March 14: "A.'. still very bad."
  • March 15: "A.'. still poor."
  • March 16: "A.'. a shade better."
  • March 17: On boat. "A.'. slowly improving."
  • March 18: "A.'. (nearly forgotten) rather good."
  • March 19: On the train. "A.'. mediocre"
  • March 20: Arrived at Hai Phong, China. "A.'. a bit better."
  • March 21: "A.'. about the same."
  • March 22: On boat. "A.'. bad (sleepy - seasick)"
  • March 23: "A.'. better." Shocking and terrible nightmare.
  • March 24: "A.'. again a shade better."
  • March 25: "A.'. good."
  • March 26. "A.'. still good."
  • March 27: On boat. "A.'. poor (heavy sea)"
  • March 28: "A.'. poor again (heavy sea)"
  • March 29: Arrives in Hong Kong. "A.'. poor."
  • March 30: "A.'. good: vrey good." Receives letter from El. Istar.
  • March 31: "A.'. fairly good."
  • April 1: "A.'. poor - sleepy."
  • April 2: "A.'. again poor."
  • April 3: Leaves Hong Kong on the 'S.S.Nippon Maru". "A.'. mediocre."
  • April 4: "Foolishly and wickedly" puts off A.'. work all day. Plays cards, winning. Speaks, out of courtesy.
  • April 5: "A.'. vocalized, goodish." Malaria attacks.
  • April 6: Arrives at Shanghai. Calls and meets Elaine Simpson. "A.'. very ethereal."
  • April 7: With Elaine Simpson. P.M. in bed with fever.
  • April 8: Tiffin and tea with W.S. Dinner with German postmaster. Poker. "A.'. nevertheless pretty good." Considers renouncing idle things.
  • April 9: Visits Elaine Simpson to stay. "A.'. at night good." Ether.
  • April 10: "A.'. no good."
  • April 11: Arranges business, passages etc. Dinner with Archibald Little. "A.'. very bad indeed."
  • April 12: "A.'. better." Writes to Rose, lying about Elain Simpson.
  • April 13: Tarot for Elaine Simpson. "A.'. sleepy - in fact dropped off."
  • April 14: "A.'. mediocre. 'The Operation of Abramelin being due to commence on Easter Sunday, me thinks it would be well to make a certain profound conjuration of Augoeides on that day wih a view to acquire a proper knowledge of the Method of the Great Retirement. The Augoeides should be definitely invoked for this purpose with all possible ceremony. Is it not written: "Unto whosoever shall draw nigh unto Me will I draw nigh?" And, as I have proved, the help of the Augoeides is already given as if the Operation were successfully brought to en end. Only can this right be forfeited by slackness toward the obligation? From this, then, O Holy Exalted One, preserve me!"
  • April 15: "A.'. rather better."
  • April 16: "A.'. above average."
  • April 17: "Aleister and Elaine kiss." Yi King from Club, puzzling. "A.'. about the same"
  • April 18: Studies Liber Legis and decides to ask Elaine Simpson to invoke Aiwass, or converse with him when invoked. "A.'. much better."
  • April 19: Does a Tarot for Mr.Volker. Elain Simpson is unwell, Aiwass operation therefore postponed. "A.'. fair."
  • April 22: He feels sick and stays in bed all day.
  • April 23: Arrives at Nagasaki. Writes to Elaine Simpson. "A.'. fair to good."
  • April 24: Arrives at Kobe. Writes to Rose, "of course utterly concealing both A.'. and A. (Elaine Simpson)" Considers the help of Aiwass for the Augoeides Operations. "A.'. fair only." Does Astral Travel.
  • April 25: Analyzing yesterday's vision he states: "Yesterday's vision a real illumination, since it showed me an obvious mistake which I had utterly failed to see. The word in my Kamma-Work (in Burma) was Augoeides, and the method Invoking Often. Therefore a self-glittering One, whether my conscience approves or not, is to be my guide. I am to invoke often, not to criticize." Leaves Kobe. "A.'. fair to good."
  • April 26: Arrives at Yokohama. "A.'. fair."
  • April 27: Leaves Yokohama. "A.'. rather poor."
  • April 28: "A.'. poor."
  • April 29: "A.'. The same thing happens every time. The mechanical part of the I.'. is kept too easily; but I fall instantly into a dull reverie or even slumber."
  • April 30: "A.'. exactly the same as yesterday." Thinks of Aiwass and the repeated 'Go to Egypt!' "The one really important thing is the fundamental hypothesis - I am the Chosen One." "A.'.I.'. repeated. Very good and lucid."
  • May 1: "A.'. fair."
  • May 2: Works on the comment on Liber Legis, decides he could do better if he did it in Egypt. "A.'. good." Considers the option of doing a "dead stunt".
  • May 3: Works out a new ritual. "A.'. mediocre."
  • May 4: "A.'. very enegetic on my part, intensely so, better perhaps than ever before."
  • May 5: "A.'. medium."
  • May 6: "A.'. tired and excited, yet with great resolution."
  • May 7: "A.'. good."
  • May 8: "A.'. good."
  • May 9: "A.'. poor."
  • May 10: "A.'. poor - am really worn out."
  • May 11: "A.'. better - much reverie."
  • May 12: "A.'. not bad."
  • May 14: "A.'. sleepy."
  • May 15: "A mediocre and unwilling."
  • May 16: Arrived in New York after sailing on the Empress of India from Shanghai. "A.'. better but sleepy."
  • May 17: "A.'. better."
  • May 18: "A.'. elaborate and really not bad."
  • May 19: "A.'. gabbled." A heat wave in New York.
  • May 20: "A.'. a shade better."
  • May 21: "A.'. not altogether bad."
  • May 22: Reads the Hashish-Eater.
  • May 23: "A.'. at first disturbed - with resolution better."
  • May 24: "A.'. in P.M. tired and sleepy."
  • May 25: "A.'. not so bad."
  • May 26: "A.'. poor in vision."
  • May 27: "A.'. poor in vision."
  • May 28: "A.'. got through after an incredible struggle."
  • May 29: "A.'. a shade better."
  • May 30: "A.'. very good indeed." Renews the vows of this initiation.
  • May 31: "A.'. better than ever yet."
  • June 1: "A.'. good but interfered with fatigue."
  • June 2: Arrives at Liverpool and learns of the death of his daughter. Goes to London. "A.'. appropriate in tone."
  • June 3: "A.'. a sad and mechanic exercise."
  • June 4: "A.'. no good." Decides to ask Rose definitely if she will come on a Magical retirement with him.
  • June 5: Billiards. Drugs.
  • June 6: Attends Wagner's 'Tristan and Isolde.' "A.'. feebly in streets."
  • June 7: Goes to Plymouth. "A.'. in train. A shade better."
  • June 8:
  • May 30: "Augoeides very good indeed. Renewed the terrible vows of this initiation, and was rewarded by the Divine Kiss. O Self-Glittering one, be ever with me! Amen."
  • May 31: "Augoeides better than ever yet. Vision quite perfect; I tasted the sweet kiss and gazed in the clear eyes of that Radiant One. My own face became luminous."
  • July 29: "Sunday night. D.D.S. and P. discuss a new Order A.'.A.'.. D.D.S. wants Authority".


  • ???: Aleister writes and publishes "Konx Om Pax" including the superb The Wake World and others like Ali Sloper etc.

Also begins recieving what are later called the Holy Books or "Thelema" as noted below. He entitled these books simply "Thelema" and published them later in 3 volumes, given to aspirants to the A.:.A.:. at the completion of different grades.

  • January 1: At Bournemouth, recovering from throat troubles
  • January 4: Constructs an Ebony Box to be entered and used during meditation.
  • January 6: An experiment in Hashish
  • January 13: Rose vists. Hashish
  • January 29: Leaves Bournemouth – "one may hope, forever“, back to London
  • February 4: Dr & Mrs Buckmaster to dinner
  • February 15: Beginning of Baby’s illness
  • February 16: Throws out KB (Kathleen Bruce) & thus "saved baby’s life“
  • February 23: Kathleen Bruce begins to sculpt him, The Enchanted Prince. Writes a sonnett re. The majesty of Loneliness
  • February 24: Writes up his diary for 1907 to date
  • February 27: Goes to Cambridge
  • March 1: Plays golf
  • March 3: Back to London. Buckmasters to supper
  • March 7: Begins V.I.T.R.I.O.L. Golf with Sunny Jim. Writes to Jones, asks for permission to do a Vow of Silence and to appoint a period
  • March 8: Sculpting continues
  • March 9: Begins Vow of Refusing to Answer Questions. Jones said 7 days. A slip is punished with razor-cuts. Rose is very angry
  • March 10: Plays golf at Maidenhead. 24 slips in the practice so far
  • March 11: Takes Hashish. Tea with Rose. 12 slips today
  • March 12: Takes Anhalonium Lewinii. Magical rituals. Tarot. Physical condition excellent, mental depressed, magical exalted near Samadhi. 7 slips in the practice
  • March 13: Buckmasters are visiting. Sculpting continues. Rose makes a scene. Fucks her and sleeps like a dog
  • March 14: Golf with Sunny Jim. 5 slips in the practice
  • March 16: Cambridge wins the boat race. 7 slips in the practice, 72 in all. End of the Vow. Letter from Jones
  • March 23: Packing and moving
  • March 24: Moving in
  • March 25: Goes to Tivoli & Tribune
  • March 27: Again in truck with Tankerville. 35 months needed for his initiation
  • March 29: Ill with diarrhoea. Tankerville copies Pentacles
  • March 30: Herbert Tilley clips his uvula. Writes Tankerville instructions. Still very ill
  • April 3: Messes about with chemicals all day
  • April 4: Neuburg visits
  • April 6: Tankerville visits
  • April 7: Designs a game The Awkward Squad. Goes to Croydon meeting Claude. Meets three hunchbacks during the day
  • April 9: Rose makes the "usual scene“
  • April 14: Watches Rose and Gretel scold
  • April 15: Back in London. Writes Rodin dedication
  • April 18: Golf at Home Park
  • April 20: Private view at the New Gallery
  • April 22: Writes a sonnet concerning the pleasure of being raped, or the pleasure of pretending
  • April 26: Fuller to tea and dinner. Invents the "Tube Puzzle“ game
  • April 28: Played not-golf at Maidenhead
  • April 30: Golf at Chislehurst. Works on the "Tube Puzzle“
  • May 2: Rose visits, helps with Tankerville
  • May 3: Working on proofs
  • May 4: Invents "Indoor Golf“
  • May 5: Golf at Chislehurst
  • May 7: Sees Charlie who likes him. Tankerville confirms Rose’s clairvoyance
  • May 8: Tankerville’s servants sick, so is Rose’s nurse
  • May 9: Preliminary Lection and Obligation for Tankerville.
  • May 10: Not-golf in Chislehurst. Rose "keeps his chains rattling at 60!“
  • May 13: Jones and Tankerville meet
  • May 17: Leaves for Cambridge
  • May 18: Gives talk in Cambridge
  • May21: Back to London. A Dhyana while Rose is in the room
  • May 22: Dined with Mrs. McCarthy
  • May 23: „Slave to a phonograph“
  • May 28: Dinner with Tankerville
  • May 30: Takes Oath of 8°=3° in presence of Tankerville and Rose
  • May 31: Arranges with Tankerville a Magical Retirement. Maybe Spain?
  • June 1: A weekend of golf
  • June 3: Back to London
  • June 4: Works all night with Jones
  • June 6: Fuller and the Buckmasters visit
  • June 7: At Tweed’s with roussell. Writes to Fuller. Jones visits
  • June 8: Golf at Chislehurst.
  • June 9: Golf. Love to Rose
  • June 10: Preparations for the Retirement
  • June 12: Leaves for Southhampton via Alton. Lunch with Agnes Crowley. To Winchester meeting Charlie. Arrives in Southhampton boarding the „Ellida“
  • June 14: To Beaulieu Creel. The Wreck & The Rescue (?)
  • June 20: In London. Rose arrives. Narrow escape of hers in Pall Mall, an attempt on my life
  • June 21: Rose visits
  • June 22: New preparations for departure with Lord and Lady Tankerville
  • June 25: Invents Train Signal device
  • June 27: Leaves for Paris
  • June 28: Leaves for Marseille
  • June 29: Arrives in Marseille
  • July 1: Boards "SS Mongolia" for Gibraltar
  • July 3: Arrives at Gibraltar. Puts up at the Hotel Bristol
  • July 4: Goes over to Spain
  • July 6: Boards "Jebel Musa“ for Tangier, arrives in Tangier and moves into the Hotel Continental
  • July 11: News from Rose, who is burning his manuscripts
  • July 17: Crosses to Gibraltar
  • July 18: Watches gypsy’s dance in Spain.
  • July 19: Visits the Alhambra in Grenada
  • July 20: Back to Gibraltar
  • July 21: Visits bull-fight. Boards Reichspostdampfschiff Scharnhorst for Southampton. Writes La Gitana
  • July 23: Rose’s 52nd Birthday
  • July 25: Arrives at Southhampton. Golf at Chislehurst and back to London
  • August 1: With Neuberg in Chislehurst
  • August 9: With Jones in London. He helps to convert Rose to the Way of the Tao
  • September 12: Leaves for Guilford. Hotel Sandwich. Concentrates on concentration
  • September 27: Finds out about Rose’s order of 120 bottles in 5 months, from one merchant only
  • October 2: A day in the country. Rose quite nice. Designs Konx Om Pax cover.
  • October 3: Hashish
  • October 15: Meets Jones
  • October 19: To Chislehurst meeting Rose. Begins novel Ercildoune pages 1-15
  • October 20: Back to London with Rose. Writes pages 16-83
  • October 21: Writes pages 84-120
  • October 27: Hashish
  • November 12: Trouble with Rose
  • November 13: Trouble with Rose
  • November 15: Meets Jones
  • December 3: Finishes „A Queen of the Quality“
  • December 8: To Cambridge
  • December 17: Working with Jones
  • December 21: Golf
  • December 22: Meets Fuller


March 23: Admitted to the Reading Room of the British Museum

  • October 21: AC signs and inscribes, "The homage of a poor poet to a great artist" on a copy of his The Collected Works of Aleister Crowley.
  • W Somerset Maugham's The Magician is published. The story's main character, Oliver Haddo, is a blatant caricature of Crowley and later he would write a critique of The Magician using this pen name. Crowley accused Maugham of plagiarism:
“Though Aleister Crowley served, as I have said, as the model for Oliver Haddo, it is by no means a portrait of him. I made my character more striking in appearance, more sinister and more ruthless than Crowley ever was. I gave him magical powers that Crowley, though he claimed them, certainly never possessed. Crowley, however, recognized himself in the creature of my invention, for such it was, and wrote a full-page review of the novel in “Vanity Fair,” which he signed 'Oliver Haddo.' I did not read it, and wish now that I had. I daresay it was a pretty piece of vituperation, but probably, like his poems, intolerably verbose.” – W. Somerset Maugham


  • ???: Begins writing and later this year publishes "777" and other qabbalistic works.
  • ???: Publishes "ΘΕΛΗΜΑ" or "Thelema," his Holy Books.
  • ???: Also beings writing "The Vision and the Voice," as documented below.
  • March: The Equinox Vol.I No.I is printed.
  • June 17: Victor Neuburg and Kenneth Ward visit Crowley at Boleskine.
  • June 18: Victor Neuburg begins a Magical Retirement at Boleskine that will last until June 27. This will be his Neophyte initiation into the A.'.A.'.
  • June 28: While looking for a pair of skis and his paintings of the Enochian Elemental Watch Towers he finds the original manuscript of Liber AL which he had assumed lost.
  • July 1: Travels to London with Neuburg to prepare the publication of the next numer of The Equinox.
  • July 21: Rose Edith Kelly leaves AC, moving to Warwick Road, following complaint that he had beaten her.
  • September 22: The Equinox Vol.1 No.2 is published.
  • November 18: Lands in Algiers with Victor Neuburg (In The Vision and the Voice with Commentary and other papers it has this date as November 17.)
  • November 23: 28th Aethyr at Aumale 2000-2100
  • November 25: 27th Aethyr 2000-2100 in Sidi Aissa and 26th Aethyr 1310-1400 near Sidi Aissa and 25th Aethyr 2040-2140 in Ain El Hajel
  • November 26: 24th Aethyr at Ain-El-Hadljel 1400-1525
  • November 28: 23rd Aethyr 0930-1015 and 22nd Aethyr 1600-1800 at Bou-Saada
  • November 29: 21st Aethyr 1330-1450 in desert near Bou-Saada
  • November 30: 20th Aethyr 0915-1050 and 19th Aethyr 2200-2345
  • December 1: 18th Aethyr 1430-1610 Bou-Saada
  • December 2: 17th Aethyr 0015-0200 and 16th Aethyr 1650-1850 Bou-Saada
  • December 3: 15th Aethyr 0915-1110 and begins 14th Aethyr but told to "Depart! For thou must invoke me only in darkness." Da'leh Addin- a mountain near Bou-Saada 1450-1515 Vision completed 2150-2215 Bou-Saada
  • December 4: 13th Aethyr 1410-1545 River-Bed Near Bou-Saada and 12th Aethyr Dec 4-5 2330-0120 Bou-Saada
  • December 5: 11th Aethyr 2210-2335 Bou-Saada
  • December 6: Choronzon; 10th Aethyr 1400-1615 "in a lonely valley of fine sand..." near Bou-Saada
  • December 7: 9th Aethyr 2130-2310 Bou-Saada
  • December 8: 8th Aethyr 1910-2110 between Bou-Saada and Biskra
  • December 9: 7th Aethyr 2010-2200 W'ain-T-Aissha
  • December 10: 6th Aethyr 1940-2140 at Ben-S'Rour (Benishrur)
  • December 12: Began 5th Aethyr but told the Vision would continue "on the morrow, at the appointed hour.." 19-2012
  • December 13: 5th Aeythr Completed 2015-2210
  • December 16: 4th Aethyr 0900-1030 at Biskra
  • December 17: 3rd Aethyr 0930-1130 at Biskra
  • December 18: began 2nd Aethyr 0920-1050 at Biskra Repeated the call in Hammam Salahine but "the Aethyr must be left unfinished then until the half moon."
  • December 19: 1st Aethyr 1330-1530 Biskra
  • December 20: Finished 2nd Aethyr in evening 2035-2135 Biskra
  • Wrote his poem At Bordj-An-Nus while in Biskra on arrival from Bordj-An-Nus in or shortly after December.


  • ???: Writes his hymns to God, entitled "The Treasure-house of Images."
Aleister Crowley: Rites of Eleusis
  • May 9: Evocation of Bartzabel, the spirit of Mars. Assistants were Commander G.M. Marston (Frater All For Knowledge)- a Probationer of A:.A:. and Leila Waddell (Soror Agatha) who attained to Philosophus and IX* O.T.O.. Frater Omnia Vincam (I will conquer all) is, of course, Victor Neuburg, was inside the Triagle of Art who acted as the material basis through which the spirit could manifest itself.


  • ???: In concordance with instructions by Abuldiz, the manuscript for what is considered by some to be his most important work, Book 4 / Liber ABA is begun, specifically "Part I: Yoga"
  • March: The Equinox Vol.I No.V is printed.
  • September: The Equinox Vol.I No.VI is printed
  • August 10: Crowley wrote The Birthday for Leila Waddell. Crowley said of it, ”…the poem describes the history of our liaison.

11th October: Attends a ‘boisterous’ party at the Savoy given by ballerina Isadora Duncan


  • ???: The manuscript for what is considered by some to be his most important work, Book 4 / Liber ABA is continuously written, specifically Part II: Magick.


  • ???: The "Book of Lies" is written and published.
  • March: The Equinox Vol.I No.IX is printed.
  • September: The Equinox Vol.I No.X is printed.
  • Wednesday, December 31: The Paris Working begins at 11:40P.M. with the first Opus. These workings continue almost daily for 6 weeks and end with Opus XXIV on February 12, 1914. These workings were performed with Victor Neuburg.


  • ???: The Diary for his magical working which will later be published as "The Magical Record of the Beast 666" is begun and continued in this published form until 1920. Specifically and in addition to the Magical Record, the more specific diary of sex magical workings is started this year as well, entitled "Rex de Arte Regia." This record was kept until 1918.
  • September 6: Magical Opus with Christine Rosalie Byrne, a Piccadilly prostitute, with the object being Knowledge of the Mysteries of the IX* and power to express the same.
  • October 24: Crowley departs for the United States aboard the SS Lusitania out of Liverpool. Ship's Manifest lists Crowley as a 'landed proprietor' of Irish descent with New York City as his final destination.
  • November 1: Arrives in New York at age 39. He stays in America until 1919.
  • November 3: Magus Attainment Begins. The first part of the Initiation to the Grade of Magus consisted of 13 Chokmah days that began this date to June 9, 1917.
  • November 12: Sells around $700-$800 worth of books to American Lawyer and famous book , manuscript and picture collector, John Quinn.


July 3rd. At the astrologiacally propitious time of 4.32a.m. Crowley, Leila Waddell and eight other people sailed to Bedloe's Island in New York harbor to the foot of the Statue of Liberty. "The members of the party consider themselves members of the secret Revolutionary Committee of Public Safety of the Provisional Government of the Irish Republic, and their early morning mission on July 3 was to declare the independence of the Irish Republic, which included a declaration of war against England, and to pledge their allegiance to the government of their vision." (New York Times) Crowley tore up and cast into the sea what purported to be his British passport.


  • May 26: Loses four games of chess in an evening match against local master Norman T Whitaker at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, despite excellent playing on both sides.


OTO Headquarters, 93 Regent Street, raided by police

  • November: Publishes The Hearth in The International, New York.


  • ???: Also writes "Liber Aleph" which would not be published until 1961.


Lives for a time with Aunt in Outram Road, Croydon, after returning from the US

  • March: The "Blue" Equinox Vol.III No.I is printed.




  • ???: Writes and publishes "Diary of A Drug Fiend" while at the Abbey of Thelema.


  • Spring: Kicked out of Italy by Mussolini and abandons the Abbey to a few straggling disciples.
  • Autumn: Writes "The Djeridensis Comment"- so called because it was written at the Hotel du Djerid in the Oasis of Nefta, Tunisia. Also writes during this period what would be published as "The Magical Diaries of Aleister Crowley", being the account of his stay in Tunis, from his personal and magical diaries.


  • 'The Supreme Ordeal' of the Ipsissimus Grade in Paris.


  • September 24: Writes an Official letter of reply to Frater Achad from Weida, Germany. AC received a letter dated August 21 from Achad where he is "personally and publicly announcing my severance with that aspect of the A:.A:. represented by you." AC's reply accepted the resignation and entrusted Frater O.P.V. to maintain good relations of the order on the inter-rim of Achad appointing a replacement for his position in his Office as Grand Neophyte of the A:.A:.

"I do not doubt that you will do all in your power to enable O.P.V. to establish commune with all those members of the A:.A:. whose relations with headquarters have hitherto depended on you, in order that the change of Officers consequent on your resignation may involve as little disturbance as possible in the Work of the Order." Signed To Mega Therion 666 9=2 A:.A:.


  • ???: Writes the essays on "Astrology" that will later be published in a book of that name.
  • June 3: “Kasimira and I have been discussing the possibility of our marriage for two days. Ask the Yi: shall I marry Kasimira
  • July 25: “K. has been acting outrageously for some days. She is stupidly jealous of my talking to Yorke. She sulks & rages without sense. She complains of everything in the most idiotic way. She interferes with every act one does. It is intolerable, save for the magical necessity. I definitely appeal to the Gods to let this cross pass from me.
  • November 3: “Kasimira bolted (I suppose finally …) The Lord hath given & the Lord hath taken away: Blessed be the name of the Lord!
  • November 8: Diary entry has Marie Therese de Miramar “A creole Cuban - born in Nicaragua To change the luck
  • November 14: Regarding de Miramar, “She has absolutely the right ideas of Magick & knows some Voudoo”.
  • November 19: Regarding de Miramar, “She is marvellous beyond words, but excites me too much, so that I cannot prolong. 'Lucrezia' my daughter!
  • Marries Maria de Miramar in Germany. (NOTE: AC's "Confessions" has this date as August 1929.)


  • ???: Crowley's third instalment to Book 4, entitled Part 3: "Magick in Theory and Practice" is published
  • ???: Publishes the first two parts of the Autohag or his 'autohagriophy' first entitled "The Spirit of Solitude" subsequently re-titled "The Confessions of Aleister Crowley." Meant to be published in six parts but only the first 2 come out, until finally being released in an abridged form by editors Kenneth Grant and John Symonds in 1969 by Jonathan Cape in the U.K. and in 1970 in a beautiful edition by Hill and Wang for the U.S.
  • ???: This is also the year that his novel "Moonchild" finally saw publication and release.
  • ???: In addition his short story "The Strategem" was also published in a collection entitled "The Strategem and other Stories" with "The Testament of Magdalen Blair" and "His Secret Sin".

August 16th: Date of marriage to de Miramar given in Confessions

Moves into 89 Park Mansions, Knightsbridge


  • ???: The book "The Legend of Aleister Crowley" is compiled by Crowley and written by his secretary Israel Regardie and friend P. R. Stephenson. This is to try and extricate Crowley from the morass of public disapproval brought upon by the scandalous newspaper stories of his supposed misdeeds at the Abbey and elsewhere, largely fabricated for financial gain.
  • September 23: At 6:36pm AC fakes his own suicide at Boca de Inferno, Portugal.


  • October 11: At the Nierendorff Gallery (Porza) in Berlin a huge exhibition of Crowley's paintings opens. On display are 73 works of art, amongst them some of hist most famous. He even sells one painting! The exhibition will be open until November 5.



Sues a Praed Street bookdealer who had displayed a misleading card in his shop window concerning 'Moonchild'; wins £50 plus costs


  • ???: Writes and publishes "The Classic of Purity: King Khang Khing"
  • Bankruptcy declaration
  • May 14: Inscribed a copy of Mortadello to fellow author Dennis Wheatley, "Dear Wheatley, Most ingenious, but really a little Ely Cuthbertson, to advertise your love of rare editions in a thriller blurb! At least my (underlined) heart was touched, and I hope you will appreciate this ‘sample’ copy with the double title. I don’t know how many were printed like this: I have a vague idea that there were six. But where the others are no man - except the ‘Occult Committee’ of the‘Magic Circle’- knows. Yours Aleister Crowley"


  • Living at Room 6, 56 Welbeck Street, London through to sometime in 1937


  • ???: Finally and somewhat belatedly publishes the Book of the Law in an edition with an explanation of its genesis entitled "The Equinox of the Gods."
  • Landlord Alan Burnett-Rae throws Crowley out of Welbeck Street flat for antisocial behaviour and non-payment of rent
  • Moves to Hasker Street, Chelsea.
  • July 17: Edward Noel FitzGerald invited AC to visit for a week and AC arrives at his home at Camber Sands on this date.
  • August 11: Crowley reports that he picked up J W N Sullivan's Gallio for 3d and felt very exhausted & anxious as though death was in the air. He was afraid it might be Pearl Brooksmith. The book concerned is "Gallio or the Tyranny of Science" by J W N Sullivan 90pp. Originally published in 1927. Contemporary reviews say of it "So packed with ideas it is not possible to give any adequate résumé of its contents" and "An attack on the values which science is so successfully imposing upon civilization."
  • August 13: AC gives an obituary of Sullivan to Tom Driberg at dinner to place in his William Hickey column in the Daily Express.
  • August 14: Crowley's obituary of Sullivan published in the Daily Express on page 6 as “These Names Make News – Master of Maths”.
  • December 23, 1937: Daily Express publishes article 'These Names Make News, Mixed Bag of Early Birds', concerning Crowley's assembling of people before Cleopatra's Needle to announce the publication of as book


  • ???: In addition to "The Heart of the Master" mentioned below, Crowley also writes and publishes "Little Essays Toward Truth."
  • March: Inscribes, "a Mynheer J Michaud avec les homages respectueses de 666 An Ixii" on an O.T.O. Privately printed 1938 edition of The Book of the Law . Mynheer J Michaud is Jean Michaud.
  • December 26, Monday: Lunch was eaten with Charles Richard Cammell, and his wife. He said that they had, "A good lunch and talk." They had "Balachow cheese biscuits, Agneau Noel Bhindi, Boar's Head, Stilton & Coffee Liquers."
  • The Heart of the Master is privately issued by the O.T.O..


  • ???: "Eight Lectures on Yoga" are both successfully given to a fairly large audience, and subsequently published.
  • January 2, Monday: Lunch was eaten with Lady Frieda Harris. They had "Potage Bêche-de-mer, Boar's Head, Avocado Pear Salad, Richebourg '29, Creole aux Fraises Crême, Stilton Cheese au Porto, Coffee – Armagnac '88."
  • January 5, Wednesday: Dinner, possibly alone, as he had a "liver chill" and a late night sex magick operation. Served was "Zambar of Sole with Ram's Horns, Oeufs brouillés aux crevettes et anchois, Cerises Reichstag and Café"



  • January 8, Wednesday: Writes a letter to Lady Frieda Harris suggesting that she postpone a scheduled visit until after she has the Princes of the Thoth tarot completed.
  • January 12: Postmarked postcard to Lady Frieda Harris from the Grand Hotel, Torquay. The note reads, "93 Bronchitis again is not very bad, but am staying in bed till quite restored. Will write fully when that happens, I hope Monday or Tuesday. 93 93/93 Fraternally 666."
  • March 11: Writes a letter to Lady Frieda Harris. Largely regarding AC's attitudes towards money.
  • March 14: Writes a letter to Lady Frieda Harris that begins, "I saw Clark yesterday, and told him not to tell you that I had told him what you told me that you had told him not to tell me to tell you that he told me not to tell you to tell me to tell you not to tell him. This (I trust) makes everything perfectly clear. ..."
  • March 29: Writes a letter to Lady Frieda Harris from Barton Brow, Great Hill Road, Torquay saying of the location, "This place seems ideal to me as the first nucleus of an Abbey; it's ever so far from nowhere. ..." He goes on to say, "I hope you are going strong again - I do want to see the Princes, A.C., 4 D."
  • April 24: Writes a letter to Lady Frieda Harris and speaks of, among other things, his desire for a new Abbey, "The ultimate aim is to have quite populous Abbeys,with every type of talent represented, so that there will be a body of capable and intelligent people to rule the herd, and save the useful elements in our past civilization from being swamped by it. At that stage the difficulty will be to find people for Lord Abbot ....."
  • May 28: Writes a letter to Lady Frieda Harris. Largely regarding his financial situation, AC writes, " I have never had any use for money since I took the Oath of the Abramelin Operation, save only to further the Great Work. At present A. C. does need it for his personal use, because he can no longer work in a tent on a glacier. He does need space, access to works of reference, reasonable comfort ...." In an interesting idea, he also mentions that he would like to have copies of his works available in free libraries all over the world and that, "Publicity is wanted, that the seeker may know where to look."
  • June 8 (or 15) Sunday: Upset and irritated by the lack of communication from Lady Frieda Harris regarding the Thoth tarot exhibition cancellation, AC writes to her, "I just couldn't help myself from wondering what happened at Oxford. Was the show opened at all? If so by whom? Or did the police pinch the whole crowd? I had it in my stupid mind that somebody or other would let me know. How utterly silly of me! What can it possibly matter whether I know or not? ... "
  • June 10: Writes a letter to Lady Frieda Harris. AC was upset with her for failing to tell him of the cancellation of the Thoth tarot exhibition that was scheduled to have taken place a few days earlier at the Nicholas and Venn gallery in Oxford.
  • July 18: Names Karl Germer his “personal agent and representative in the United States of America” equivalent to a Power of Attorney. “All persons in authority under me in connection with the A.'.A.'. and OTO are to recognize him as their chief.”; in Cliffords Inn, London; Appointment of Germer is confirmed in several other correspondence
  • September 9: Writes a letter to Lady Frieda Harris from 10 Hanover Square.
  • December 14: Writes a letter to Lady Frieda Harris from 14 Lassell Gardens, Maidenhead. AC is describing tarot card attributions to her- in particular the Prince cards which she was currently working on. He also discusses the Yi King and its magickal forces stating, ""It is at least not impossible that there should be intelligences greater and subtler than our minds (these should control blind forces as our minds do our muscles) ... The best prospect of human progress is to discover, and communicate with, these intelligences...it is the particular task of the magician to accomplish this."


  • January 25: Writes a letter to Lady Frieda Harris among other things, checking up on the Thoth tarot card progress: "I do hope you are getting on with those Princes. This Tarot begins to prey on my mind; I feel I shall not be well until the baby is born.""
  • March 14: Writes a letter to Karl Germer, exerpted here: "I shall appoint you my successor as P.H.O. but on special terms. It is quite clear to me that a complete change in the structure of the Order, and its methods are necessary. The Secret is the basis, and you must select the proper people (you can take outisders; but everyone who has anything to do with us at all must make a formal acceptance of AL, and a formal renunciation of ideas denounced in AL. 49-58, Cap. III). Then comes the New Social Order, on the lines laid down in the books LII. CI, CLXI, and CXCIV and some in Eqx. III, 2. this voume is not under my hand at the moment). The broad base of public association is the Gnostic Mass. I hope, before I die, to get this put on en grande terme by trained screen artists, so as to have a "sealed pattern" for future reference. The other rituals will have to tail along as best they can. I feel doubtful whether the time will ever return when there is either need to use such methods or leisure to cultivate them. Of course, the minor secrets in them have their special magical value, so that they will always maintain a certain use to certain types of mind. Also the actual magical effect on the candidate may be of the greatest value to him, and the training and discipline are always useful. But as means of propoganda they are absurdly slow, cumbersome and clumsy; the secrecy part of it is purely comic as long as there are any Gerald Yorkes in the world."
  • May 7: Moves into Hamilton House, Piccadilly
  • May 9: Writes a letter to Lady Frieda Harris. Referring to his new accomodations, AC writes, "I have Byron's bath. It's a lovely piece of marble with lion's heads. It's all marble here; the rest a mixture of decay and blitz!"
  • July 2: Writes a letter to Lady Frieda Harris from 14 Lassell Gardens, Maidenhead while she was undertaking a Great Magical Retirement and he was unhappy with recent behavior. He writes, "When you formulate an aspiration to the G[reat] W[ork] you are placed under observation; and, if chosen as a likely candidate, come automatically under discipline. Rule No 1 is that any person, thing, or idea that you allow to come before the G.: W.: is removed without anaesthetics ...... Now the whole conception of "sacrifice" is foreign to the system of Thelema. ..."
  • October 1: Attended opening night of Peter Brook's production Of Christopher Marlowe's "The Tragedie of Doctor Faustus" at the Torch Theatre, London. He was also the plays "magical advisor." His opinion of some of the actors in the play was notated on his copy of the program; some receiving positive remarks such as, "Good Man", others receiving harsh remarks: "Kill Him!" or "Poison Him!"
  • November: Moves into rear rooms of 93 Jermyn Street, London


  • March 24: Writes a letter to Edward Bryant from his 93 Jermyn Street S.W.1 address. AC is attempting to arrange a meeting with Edward and suggests possible times for doing so.
  • June 17: Evan Morgan Lord Tredegar had invited AC to visit and he arrived at Tredegar Park on this day.
  • June 23: Writes another letter to Edward Bryant while visiting Evan Morgan at Tredegar Park. AC is still attempting to arrange their meeting and again offers possible times for doing so.
  • November 19: Writes to Anne Macky, Soror Fiat Yod, from his 93 Jermyn Street S.W.1 address; offering his sympathetic condolences after the loss of one of her friends remarking, "Every experience is a necessary step, and in accord with one's True Will, for it is oneself, and not another, that originally determined the conditions of this life."


  • ???: The "Book of Thoth" about his version of the Tarot, with wonderful paintings and plates by Lady Frieda Harris is published despite the war-time rationing of paper, in a thus unusually lavish edition. This is managed by a bit of round-about cleverness, classifying it as a periodical as part of the Equinox series.
  • January 24: Writes to Anne Macky from his 93 Jermyn Street S.W.1 address. He mentions that his "creative writings" have been hindered by the return of rheumatic pains in his arm and shoulder.
  • July 24: Writes to W. Dawson Sadler from "Bell Inn, Ashton Clinton, Bucks" in Buckinghamshire. Dawson had just purchased a copy of the newly printedThe Book of Thoth and AC writes that he hopes "you will find the book up to your expectations" and that "Sales are surprising, over 50 before publication at that price! Result; binder has to go ahead with the 2nd 50....", He also states that the tarot pack "will be as you suppose."
  • September 23: Writes to W. Dawson Sadler from Bell Inn, Ashton Clinton in Buckinghamshire. A letter regarding the Thoth Tarot designs. AC also makes a mention of his current illness that, "over the week-end I was critically ill, I am still rather shaken."
  • November: Writes to Kenneth Grant in response to his first letter to Crowley. This starts a wonderful discipleship on the part of Grant until Crowley's death.
  • November 9: Writes to W. Dawson Sadler from The Bell Inn, Buckinghamshire. This is a letter mostly consisting of replies by AC to questions posed by Sadler. He remarks of William Sterling's The Canon that, "I have always thought it was the most valuable book published, from the historical point of view."
  • November 19: Writes to W. Dawson Sadler from The Bell Inn, Buckinghamshire. AC says that he, "just found "comfortable winter quarters" in "a place in the neighbourhood of Hastings."
  • December 16: Writes to W. Dawson Sadler discussing, among other things, fees required for Sadler's admission to the IV* O.T.O.. AC writes, "You would get the complete rituals up to P.I. The system is a complete theory of Incarnation, from before birth to after resurrection..."


  • ???: Writes the majority of the correspondence that would later be published as "Magick Without Tears," first in 1954 by his disciple Karl Germer.
  • October 16: Writes to W. Dawson Sadler from Netherwood, The Ridge, Hastings. He writes of his new lodgings, "This place is very satisfactory, because the people with whom I am staying are very congenial, the food is abundant, and the cooking excellent. I can get both mountain air and sea air within ten minutes of each other, and best of all, I never need have a dull moment as the local chess club is one of the largest outside London, and certainly the best either inside or out. The Club rooms look out on the sea, and one can nearly always feel sure of getting a game when one drops in." AC also mentions his pleasure of hearing from Sadler on his birthday.


Aleister Crowley


  • May 7: Second meeting with Gardner. AC's diary records, "Wed 7 Dr Gardner about 12......"
  • May 9: Letter to Gerald Yorke, "This week I have had Dr. Gardner […] here. I would be grateful if you would send to him one of the 4 copies of the Equinox of the Gods, which he has purchased."
  • May 14: Third meeting with Gardner. AC's diary records, "Wed 14 G.B.G."
  • May 27: Fourth meeting with Gardner. AC's diary records, "Tues 27 Gardner here"
  • June 14: Gardner writes to AC wanting to know how much to charge for initiation into the Minerval degree; also revealing that he has achieved at least a VIIº rank in the Order.
  • December 1: Crowley dies in Hastings at 11.00am of myocardial degeneration and chronic bronchitis.
“We shall take all necessary steps to prevent such an incident occurring again”.


  • British Broadcasting Company (BBC) conducted a poll on the 100 most influential Britons of all time where AC came in at number 73.