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The Bou Saada cascades.

Bou Saada ( Arabic: بو سعادة ; meaning: "place of happiness ") is a town and municipality in M'Sila Province, Algeria, situated 245 km south of Algiers. The municipality population was estimated at 134,000 in 2008. Bou-Saada is traditionally an important market place producing and selling jewelry, metalwork, carpets and bousaadi knives. There is also a textile mill in town. Even in modern times, Bou-Saada is an important trading post for nomads. There is also some national tourism during winter.

Bou-Saada is well-connected with other urban centres by road. M'Sila is 70 km northeast, Biskra is 175 km east, Bordj Bou Arreridj 130 km northeast and Djelfa 120 km southwest. Bou-Saada has two quarters, the old medina (ksar) within the city walls with arched alleyways, and the French town to the south. Surrounding the town are extensive date groves.

Satelite view of the Bou Saada area.

Rock art

In the municipality, located not far from the village of Ben Srour, are several petroglyph sites of archaeological interest.


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