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In the Qabalah, Chokmah is the second of the ten Sephiroth on the "Tree of Life." Its meaning is Wisdom. The other Sephiroth are: Kether, Binah, Chesed, Geburah, Tiphareth, Netzach, Hod, Yesod, and Malkuth.

Qabalistic Attributions

The following attributions are mostly taken from 777, by Aleister Crowley. The small "#" links will show the full column of that attribution (i.e. all the names, planets, parts of the soul, etc.)

  • Key Scale: 2 (#)
  • Name: Chokmah (Wisdom) (#)
  • Astrology: Neptune (#)


  • Egyptian (selection): Amoun, Thoth, Nuith (#)
  • Egyptian (practical): Isis (as Wisdom) (#)
  • Hindu: Shiva, Vishnu (as Buddha avatars), Akasa (as matter), Lingam (#)
  • Scandinavian: Odin (#)
  • Greek: Athena, Uranus (Hermes) (#)
  • Roman: Janus (Mercury) (#)
  • Christian: God the Father, God who guides Parliament (#)


  • General Attribution: The 4 Twos, and Kings or Knights (#)
  • Titles & Attributions
    • Wands: The Lord of Dominion (Mars in Aries) (#)
    • Cups: The Lord of Love (Virgo in Cancer) (#)
    • Swords: Peace (Luna in Libra) (#)
    • Discs: Change (Jupiter in Capricorn) (#)


  • King Scale: Pure soft blue (#)
  • Queen Scale: Grey (#)
  • Emperor Scale: Blue pearl grey, like mother-of pearl (#)
  • Empress Scale: White, flecked red, blue, and yellow (#)

Material Correspondences

  • Animals: Man (#)
  • Plant: Amaranth (Mistletoe, Bo or Pipal Tree) (#)
  • Precious Stone: Star Ruby, Turquoise (#)
  • Perfume: Musk (#)
  • Vegetable Drug: Hashish (Cocaine) (#)
  • Mineral Drug: Phosphorus (#)
  • Alchemical Metal: Tin (#)

Magick & Mysticism

  • Element: Root of Fire (#)
  • Magical Weapons: Lingam, the Inner Robe of Glory (The Word) (#)
  • Magical Formula: VIAOV (#)
  • Parts of the Soul: Chiah (The Life Force) (#)
  • Lineal Figures of the Planets, &c., and Geomancy: The Line, also the Cross (#)
  • Chakra: Ajna (Pineal Gland) (#)
  • The Soul (Hindu): Buddhi (#)
  • Quarter: — (#)
  • Order of Qliphoth: Ghagiel (Hinderers) (#)
  • Forty Buddhist Meditations: Joy (#)
  • Magical Power: The Vision of God face to face, Vision of Antinomies (#)
  • System of Taoism: The Yang and Khien (#)
  • Figure related to Pure Number: The Cross (#)

The Four Worlds

  • Heaven of Assiah: Mazloth (Sphere of the Zodiac) (#)
  • God Name in Assiah: Yah (The Father) (#)
  • Archangel of Assiah: Ratziel (#)
  • Angels of Assiah: Auphanim (Wheels) (#)
  • Divine Name of Briah: AL (#)
  • Angel of Briah: Raphael (#)
  • Choir of Angels in Briah: Auphanim (#)
  • Palace of Briah: Hekel Qadosh Qadeshim (Palace of the Holy of Holies) (#)


  • Now with regard to my magical work strictly speaking, its character was presumably determined by my Grade. The Magus corresponds to the Sephira Chokmah, whose manifestation in the universe is Masloth, the Sphere of the Fixed Stars. It was accordingly proper that I should receive a revelation of the universe in this aspect. I began my meditation with no special objective in view. (Confessions, p.809) [Crowley goes on to have the Vision of the Star-Sponge.]
  • The Grade of Magus is traditionally connected with the idea of the number 2; male creative energy, wisdom and the expression of a single idea in terms of duality. It transmits the idea of the divine unity to its feminine counterpart, the understanding, somewhat as a man transmits the essence of his racial character to his wife so that he perceives his inmost nature, itself unintelligible to him directly, by observing the flowering of that essence in his son. The Hebrew title of the idea embodying these characteristics is Chokmah, whose numerical value is 73. (Confessions, p.795)
  • Chokmah is the vital energizing element in which is implied the basic reality underlying all manifestations of consciousness (Regardie, 1994)


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  • Crowley, Aleister. (1979). The Confessions of Aleister Crowley. London;Boston : Routledge & Kegan Paul.
  • Regardie, Israel. (1994). A Garden of Pomegranates. Saint Paul, Minn., Llewellyn Publications.
Correspondences in the Tree of Life from Liber 777 Tree of Life | 777 Tables | Qabalah

The Sephera: 1 Kether, 2 Chokmah
3 Binah, 4 Chesed, 5 Geburah
6 Tiphareth, 7 Netzach, 8 Hod
9 Yesod, 10 Malkuth

The Key Scale—the numerical organizational tool of the Tree.

Major Correspondences:

Astrological Angels

The Four Worlds

The Four Worlds
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Material Correspondences:

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The Paths:

11 Aleph
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19 Teth
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22 Lamed
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24 Nun
25 Samekh
26 Ayin
28 Tzaddi
29 Qoph
30 Resh
31 Shin
32 Tau

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