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A Greater Feast is the Thelemic celebration of the death of an individual or individuals. Its designation as greater is derived from the understanding that Death is the crowning achivement of a life and reunites the Had of the Thelemite with the body of the goddess, Nuit.

It is listed as one of the "feasts of the times" mentioned in the calendar verse of Chapter II of the Book of the Law.

Methods of Celebration

The methods of celebrating a Greater Feast are as numerous as the souls who inavariably will have one. Crowley mentions in The Law is for All that the Feast should be "merry, so as to train people to take the proper view of death. The fear of death is one of the great weapons of tyrants, as well as their scourge; and it distorts our whole outlook upon the Universe." He also composed Liber CVI(106): Concerning Death to be read to the dying or the recently dead much in the same way as the Tibetan Book of the Dead is used by practitioners of Tibetan-style Mahayana Buddhism.

The current Primate of the EGC, Sabazius X°, has also composed a formal Greater Feast rite for use by EGC clergy.

Greater Feasts Within the EGC

In addition to celebrations of Greater Feasts that occur to individual members of the Thelemic community, a Thelemite may also celebrate the anniversaries of Greater Feasts for notable historical figures who have made significant contributions to Thelema.

Such figures may include, but are not especially limited to:

Calendar of Greater Feast Anniversary Dates

Below is a calendar of dates which mark the anniversaries of the Greater Feasts for many individuals who meet the above criteria.

  • April 10 - The Greater Feast of Saint Swinburne
  • June 8 – The Greater Feast of Prophet and Saint Mohammed
  • June 27 - The Greater Feast of Saint Andrea
  • July 12 – The Greater Feast of Frater Superior and Saint Grady McMurtry
  • September 24 – The Greater Feast of Saint Paracelsus
  • December 28 – The Greater Feast of Saint Molinos
  • March 4 (varies)– The Greater Feast of the Prophet and Saint Siddhartha (Parinirvana Day – The second full moon day of the Lunar Calendar)

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