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tr.v.; in·voked, in·vok·ing, in·vokes

  1. To call on (a higher power) for assistance, support, or inspiration: invoke a deity.
  2. To appeal to or cite in support or justification: invoke historical precedent.
  3. To call for earnestly; solicit: invoke charitable aid.
  4. To summon with incantations; conjure: invoke a spirit.
  5. To resort to; use or apply: invoke the fifth amendment.
  6. Computer Science: To activate or start: invoke a subroutine.

Root: Middle English envoken, from Old French invoquer, from Latin invocre

in·o·ca·tion, n.



  1. One who summons.

Many consider there to be three types of magickal invocation:

Compare with: evoke

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