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Isopsephy (iso meaning "equal" and psephos meaning "pebble") is the Greek word for the practice of adding up the number values of the letters in a word to form a single number. The early Greeks used pebbles arranged in patterns to learn arithmetic and geometry. A Greek synonym for the word "pebbles" is kalkuli and is the origin of the word "calculate."

Greek Numerals

The Greek alphabet doubles as the Greek numbering system.

Capitalized Letter Letter Value
Α α 1
Β β 2
Γ γ 3
Δ δ 4
Ε ε 5
Ϝ ϝ 6
Ζ ζ 7
Η η 8
Θ θ 9
Ι ι 10
Κ κ 20
Λ λ 30
Μ μ 40
Ν ν 50
Ξ ξ 60
Ο ο 70
Π π 80
Ϟ ϟ 90
Ρ ρ 100
Σ σ 200
Τ τ 300
Υ υ 400
Φ φ 500
Χ χ 600
Ψ ψ 700
Ω ω 800
Ϡ ϡ 900

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