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In Egyptian mythology, Ma'at was the goddess of truth, justice and order.

Note: Unlike other Egyptian gods and goddesses, Ma'at is more of a concept than an actual deity.

In the underworld, Ma'at's headband supplied the Feather of Truth, the ostrich feather which the souls of the deceased were weighed against in the Hall of Two Truths in Duat. A soul which was heavy with sin was devoured by Ammit. A good soul, one that weighed less, was sent to Osiris. Her symbol is a woman with wings and a feather on her head. The image is on some sarcophogi, as a symbol of protection for the souls of the dead.

Ma'at can also mean the concept of justice, truth and order. It was the pharaoh's duty to ensure truth and justice. Pharaohs often were known as "Beloved of Ma'at."


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