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  • 1904 - At the request of Mathers, AC attempts to seize the Vault of the Adepts and the property of Isis-Urania that was housed at 36 Blythe Road. With the lease not being in his name he had no legal right to any of the property and left without anything. William Butler Yeats writes of it, "...(Mathers) sent a mad man- whom we refused to initiate- to take possession of the rooms and papers of the Society. ..." Yeats continues, "The envoy is really Crowley, a quite unspeakable person. He is I believe seeking vengeance for us not initiating him......Mathers like all despots must have a favourite and this is the lad."
  • 1906 - "Aleister and Elaine kiss." Yi King from Club, puzzling. "A.'. about the same"