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  • 1904 - AC and Rose move into a flat in Cairo. (NB: His Confessions, Ch. 49, has this date as Wednesday, March 16 that he and Ouarda moved into an apartment with an unascertained address.) It is here where he registers under the Persian name of Chioa Khan, being the Hebrew for Beast.
  • 1906 - "A.'. still very bad."
  • 1941 - Writes a letter to Lady Frieda Harris that begins, "I saw [[Clark] yesterday, and told him not to tell you that I had told him what you told me that you had told him not to tell me to tell you that he told me not to tell you to tell me to tell you not to tell him. This (I trust) makes everything perfectly clear..."
  • 1942 - Writes a letter to Karl Germer, exerpted here: "I shall appoint you my successor as P.H.O. but on special terms. It is quite clear to me that a complete change in the structure of the Order, and its methods are necessary. The Secret is the basis, and you must select the proper people (you can take outisders; but everyone who has anything to do with us at all must make a formal acceptance of AL, and a formal renunciation of ideas denounced in AL. 49-58, Cap. III). Then comes the New Social Order, on the lines laid down in the books LII. CI, CLXI, and CXCIV and some in Eqx. III, 2. this voume is not under my hand at the moment). The broad base of public association is the Gnostic Mass. I hope, before I die, to get this put on en grande terme by trained screen artists, so as to have a "sealed pattern" for future reference. The other rituals will have to tail along as best they can. I feel doubtful whether the time will ever return when there is either need to use such methods or leisure to cultivate them. Of course, the minor secrets in them have their special magical value, so that they will always maintain a certain use to certain types of mind. Also the actual magical effect on the candidate may be of the greatest value to him, and the training and discipline are always useful. But as means of propoganda they are absurdly slow, cumbersome and clumsy; the secrecy part of it is purely comic as long as there are any Gerald Yorkes in the world."