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  • ... that Theodor Reuss, the first Frater Superior of Ordo Templi Orientis, used "Merlin" as his magical name?
  • ... that Nicholas Flamel was a French alchemist who lived in the fifteenth century, and is supposed to have been the most accomplished of the European alchemists, ? It is claimed that he succeeded at the two magical goals of alchemy: he made the Philosopher's Stone that turns lead into gold, and he and his wife Perenelle achieved immortality.
  • ... that "Egypt" is a Greek corruption of the phrase "Het-Ka-Ptah", or "House of the Spritit of Ptah"?
  • ... that the term chaos magic first appeared in print in the widely influential "Liber Null" by Peter Carroll, first published in 1978?
  • ... that Iamblichus (ca. AD 245 - ca. 325 / Greek: Ιάμβλιχος) a neoplatonist philosopher was the one who coined the term Augoeides (translated as Luminous Self), which is synonymous with the Holy Guardian Angel found in Thelema?