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  • The Book of the Law
  • The Holy Books of Thelema
    • Liber I: Liber B Vel Magi
    • Liber VII: Liber Liberi Vel Lapidus Lazuli
    • Liber X: Liber Porta Lucis
    • Liber XXVII: Liber Trigrammaton
    • Liber LXV: Liber Cordis Cincti Serpente
    • Liber LXVI: Liber Stellæ Rubeæ
    • Liber XC: Liber Tzaddi Vel Hamus Hermeticus
    • Liber CLVI: Liber Cheth Vel Vallum Abiegni
    • Liber CCXX: Liber Al Vel Legis
    • Liber XXXI: Liber Al (Liber Legis), The Book of the Law
    • Liber CCXXXI: Liber Arcanorum
    • Liber CCCLXX: Liber A'ash Vel Capricoroni Pneumatici
    • Liber CD: Libe Tau Vel Kabbalæ Trium Literarum
    • Liber DCCCXII: Vel Ararita
  • The Vision and the Voice

Orthodox Judeo-Christian/Islam

Major texts of the East


Sacred Sexuality



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