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Founded by Marcelo Ramos Motta in 1978 e.v. in Brazil, truly had never any kind of link (magical, traditional or legal) with the original Ordo Templi Orientis. S.-O.T.O. is described as a "fraternal organization", incorporated as a church in 1978 after Motta reportedly had a falling-out with the three remaining contemporaries of the founder of O.T.O. (Aleister Crowley, 1875-1947) who had joined together and restarted O.T.O. in California after 1969.

By the laws of S.-O.T.O., Motta should have regularly received the diaries kept by all its members, who even had to send Motta their personal correspondence for review. He was the sole decision-maker and all commitments in life were subject to his approval, especially any involvements with anyone outside the group. If someone was accused to say something that was not from Motta's approval, the member could be sanctioned in various levels by Motta. His manners was so hostile that almost all the members left the group, but the most devoted followers. To affiliate it was required to sign a "letter patent" (with the legal value of a contract) which demanded a payment of 1,000 times the annual salary of the candidate if (s)he revealed anything considered secret - also nude pictures of the candidate was demanded along the applications.

Motta claimed a unique and privileged access to the "Truth" and anyone who questioned his "spiritual authority" was therefore "insane" and "diseased" and had to be "cut off". As he kept all the personal diaries of all the members he could twist the information found there as "proofs" of his accusations. Motta wrote in his S.-O.T.O. Constitution that members could call for the "elimination of the culprit" for anyone expelled for "crimes" against SOTO. In other places he makes it clear that "traitors" should be killed. Leaving SOTO was your "magical death".

S.-O.T.O. Today

The integrity of the group was held most by the strong personality of Marcelo Motta. After his death almost all Brazilian members spread and Motta's legacy was kept by two of his international followers. Those ones split S.-O.T.O. in two different groups, each one claiming to be not the only "true" Society O.T.O. but the only "true" Ordo Templi Orientis.

Those two groups are commanded by David Bersson ("Frater Sphinx") of Pittsburgh, PA and William Barden ("Frater Thelema") of Melbourne, Australia. Both, most Bersson, use to threaten former members and "enemies", with death, eternal damnation and a stream of abusive, libelous, privacy-invading invective and lies. Everyone who left their group or who disagrees with them will be ceaselessly defamed because all them should have been "executed" years ago for their "crimes".

Another group that emerged from S.-O.T.O. was the H.O.O.R., the Holly Order of RaHoorKuit, that mantains a different kind of work from its brother-groups.

S.-O.T.O. was always a tiny group, with less than 100 members at its height over several countries.

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