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  • Encyclopedia Thelemica's help pages are of varying complexity, from basic introductions to technical documents. This variety however has its flaws: i ...tions through to the [[Help:Tutorial]] will provide you with all the basic information to get editing yourself.
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  • ...ill try to answer your questions or point you in the direction to find the information you need. ...subject areas; if you are unsure of the exact area use '''[[Encyclopedia Thelemica:Reference desk/Miscellaneous|Miscellaneous]]''':
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  • ...a '''stub''' by adding a '''stub template''' from the list [[Encyclopedia Thelemica:WikiProject Stub sorting/Stub types|here]] to the end of the article. Anyon ...The first section, ''[[#Basic information|Basic information]]'', contains information that is recommended for most users. The second half, ''[[#Creating stub typ
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  • ===Basic operation=== ...empting to deal with edit requests on pages which have been [[Encyclopedia Thelemica :Protection policy|protected]] in some way.
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  • ...that start with "Talk:", "User talk:", "Image talk:" and so on. Here's the basic box again: ...on most other pages, such as pages that start with "User:", "Encyclopedia Thelemica:", "Help:" and so on.
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