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  • ...example above demonstrates that this template creates a note directing the reader to the [[WP:DISAMBIGUATION|disambiguation page]] related to the page it is ...emplate to direct those readers to a [[WP:D|disambiguation page]] that may help them find their desired article. As suggested [[WP:INTDABLINK|here]], and
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  • a)To the reader: to cross check the given information easily, and
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  • ...n Wikipedia, and so should be placed at the top of an article, linking the reader to articles with similar titles or concepts that they may have been seeking
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  • {{WP help pages (header bar)}} ==About the help pages==
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  • ...ontent]] is reused in many places, online and off. Do not assume that the reader is reading Wikipedia, or indeed any website. Articles may refer to themsel ...terms such as "[[click here]]" (which make no sense, when using a [[screen reader]], for instance). You may also find it helpful to imagine you're reading th
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  • ...anic rings, amulets and the Black Pullet itself. The book also teaches the reader how to master the extraordinary powers from these magical properties. Perha
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  • ...nature, and a desertion of the regions every way lucid and divine. Let the reader too observe, that, according to the arcana of the Platonic doctrine, the fi
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  • ...produces a table which is expanded by default, but can be collapsed by the reader. It is also possible to create tables which are ''collapsed'' by default, Collapsible tables can be combined with the [[Help:Sorting|sortable tables]] functionality without difficulty. However, becau
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  • ...ociety through amendments to its constitution, a careful and knowledgeable reader can identify the particular theological developments in the other kind of s
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  • ...rder (see Io, etc.). Whenever the seduced female is human, the inquisitive reader soon finds that her mother was a nymph or demi-goddess.
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  • ...include the facts on which competing opinions are based since this helps a reader evaluate the credibility of the competing viewpoints. This should be done w ...d for structural or stylistic aspects that make it difficult for a neutral reader to fairly and equally assess the credibility of all relevant and related vi
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  • ...ol could understand them. It is therefore difficult at best for the modern reader to discern which aspects of Jabir's work are to be read as symbols (and wha
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  • ...ethod of science—the aim of religion." Here the word 'aim' and the context help the definition; it must mean the attainment of Knowledge and Power in spiri ...ave a religious expression. In ''Confessions'' (ch.49), Crowley offers the reader multiple meanings of Thelema:
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  • [[MediaWiki:Common.css]]. The classes can also be used directly in a [[Help:Table|wikitable]] if special functionality is needed. See the [[Encyclopedi ...y|accessibility]], it is desirable to not have it be announced by [[screen reader]]s, as well as to avoid it linking to an irrelevant page. If (and only if)
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  • ...single-minded devotion to his goal may seem almost repellent to the modern reader.
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  • ...m to corroborate that system. The geometry is somewhat complicated and the reader is referred to [[ this
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  •, however, are quite intelligible (some even familiar) to a 21st Century reader. Once a familiarity of the terminology and mindset of the times is achieved
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  • "It is here desirable to warn the reader against the numerous false orders which have impudently assumed the name of
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  • ...instead, consider which words may require further definition for a casual reader to understand the article. Lastly, a critical step: add [[Encyclopedia Thel ...ncyclopedia Thelemica:Stub|stub articles]] relating to [[France]]. You can help by expanding them.
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  • ...he sacrificed his life to save the Kashmiri Hindus who had come to him for help. ...hat God is masculine, which is not the message in the original script. The reader must correct for this every time these words are used.
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