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As you can see, in this entry there is a section titled “Quotations” included. At first I was not sure whether I should annex it here or not. It takes much time to write it and in the end it seems to make the whole entry sort of busy.

However, while I was collecting the needed information from the internet, I realized that there has been much confusion about the meaning of the word “Peleiades” as well as some unreferenced info regarding the offspring of Dione, namely Broteus: it is written that Broteus was Tandalus’ son and Tandalus was Dione’s husband, but I couldn’t find any other direct connection with Dione -until now.

Therefore, I decided to include the “Quotations” section here, and in future entries as well, thus providing the opportunity :

a)To the reader: to cross check the given information easily, and

b)To the editors: to be able to spot the obscure areas easily and make the needed editing.

Of course there could be some objections about that, and that’s why I thought to start a discussion explaining this decision here.