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Thomas Vaughan (1622–1666) was a Welch alchemist, poet, Qabalist, Rosicrucian apologist, and twin brother to the famous poet Henry Vaughan. He was also an ordained Angelican minister and a desciple of Cornelius Agrippa. Supposedly he died in an explosion while performing his alchemical craft (Sabazius, 1995), although another account has him dying of mercury poisoning (Cox, 2001).


Vaughan published various treatises on alchemy, magic, and mysticism. Most of his works were published under the pseudonym of ‘Eugenius Philalethes’—lit. Good Truth-Loving Man.

  • The Fame and Confession of the Fraternity of the Rose Cross (1652)
  • Anthroposophia Theomagica [as ‘Eugenius Philalethes’] (1650)
  • Magia Adamica; or, The Antiquitie of Magic [as ‘Eugenius Philalethes’] (1650)
  • Lumen de Lumine; or, A New Magicall Light Discovered [as ‘Eugenius Philalethes’] (1651)
  • Aula Lucis; or, The House of Light (1652)
  • Euphrates; or, The Waters of the East [as ‘Eugenius Philalethes’] (1655)


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