Watch a Legendary Chaos Magician Explain Everything

Watch a Legendary Chaos Magician Explain Everything.

Ramsey Dukes, one of the founding fathers of Chaos Magick, has a new YouTube channel in which he explains the secrets of magick… and is very, very charming and funny.

Ramsey Dukes, who also writes under the name Lionel Snell, is one of the primary creators and inspirations behind Chaos Magick. He’s also likely the funniest and most down-to-earth writer on the subject—his books, which have circulated since 1972, have quietly set the tone for chaos magick as a sustainable path. As Dukes himself points out, most writers on magick start with trying to give their readers the wildest and most outlandish stories possible about what’s achievable with magick. Dukes writes from the perspective and starting point of ordinary, day-to-day life, and shows how magick is a part of it.

Source: Watch a Legendary Chaos Magician Explain Everything

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